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Expanding the Frontiers of Visual Analytics and Visualization

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Table of contents

1. Introduction—The Best Is Yet to Come
John Dill, Rae Earnshaw, David Kasik, John Vince, Pak Chung Wong

2. An Illuminated Path: The Impact of the Work of Jim Thomas
Chaomei Chen, Haiyan Hou, Zhigang Hu, Shengbo Liu

3. The Evolving Leadership Path of Visual Analytics
Mike Kluse, Anthony Peurrung, Deborah Gracio

4. Visual Search and Analysis in Complex Information Spaces—Approaches and Research Challenges
T. Landesberger, T. Schreck, D. W. Fellner, J. Kohlhammer

5. Dynamic Visual Analytics—Facing the Real-Time Challenge
Florian Mansmann, Fabian Fischer, Daniel A. Keim

6. A Review of Uncertainty in Data Visualization
Ken Brodlie, Rodolfo AllendesOsorio, Adriano Lopes

7. How to Draw a Graph, Revisited
Peter Eades, Seok-Hee Hong

8. Using Extruded Volumes to Visualize Time-Series Datasets
Nick Schultz, Mike Bailey

9. Event Structuring as a General Approach to Building Knowledge in Time-Based Collections
William Ribarsky, Zachary Wartell, Wenwen Dou

10. A Visual Analytics Approach for Protein Disorder Prediction
Jaegul Choo, Fuxin Li, Keehyoung Joo, Haesun Park

11. Visual Storytelling in Education Applied to Spatial-Temporal Multivariate Statistics Data
Patrik Lundblad, Mikael Jern

12. Top Ten Interaction Challenges in Extreme-Scale Visual Analytics
Pak Chung Wong, Han-Wei Shen, Chaomei Chen

13. GUI 4D—The Role and the Impact of Visual, Multimedia and Multilingual User Interfaces in ICT Applications and Services for Users Coming from the Bottom of the Pyramid—First Concepts, Prototypes and Experiences
G. Baduza, J. H. P. Eloff, D. Kok, J. Encarnação, C. Merz, M. Przewloka

14. Emotion in Human-Computer Interaction
Christian Peter, Bodo Urban

15. Applying Artistic Color Theories to Visualization
Theresa-Marie Rhyne

16. e-Culture and m-Culture: The Way that Electronic, Computing and Mobile Devices are Changing the Nature of Art, Design and Culture
Stuart Cunningham, Peter S. Excell

17. Shape Identification in Temporal Data Sets
Machon Gregory, Ben Shneiderman

18. SSD-C: Smooth Signed Distance Colored Surface Reconstruction
Fatih Calakli, Gabriel Taubin

19. Geometric Issues of Object Manipulation in Task Animation and Virtual Reality
Daniel Thalmann

20. An Analytical Approach to Dynamic Skin Deformation of Character Animation
L. H. You, H. Ugail, X. Y. You, Jian J. Zhang

21. The New Visualization Engine— The Heterogeneous Processor Unit
Jon Peddie

22. Smart Cloud Computing
Tosiyasu L. Kunii

23. Visualization Surfaces
Turner Whitted, Steven Drucker

24. The Development of Mobile Augmented Reality
Lawrence J. Rosenblum, Steven K. Feiner, Simon J. Julier, J. Edward Swan, Mark A. Livingston

25. Multimodal Interfaces for Augmented Reality
Mark Billinghurst, Minkyung Lee

26. Knowledge Exchange, Technology Transfer and the Academy
Rae Earnshaw

27. Discovering and Transitioning Technology
John Dill, David J. Kasik

28. Technology Transfer at IBBT-EDM: Case Study in the Computer Graphics Domain
Fabian Fiore, Eddy Flerackers, Frank Reeth

29. Building Adoption of Visual Analytics Software
Nancy Chinchor, Kristin Cook, Jean Scholtz

Keywords: Computer Science, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Computer Imaging, Vision, Pattern Recognition and Graphics, Image Processing and Computer Vision

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47 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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