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Nutritional Influences on Bone Health

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Table of contents

1. Nutrition, Aging, and Chronic Low-Grade Systemic Inflammation in Relation to Osteoporosis and Sarcopenia
Robin M. Daly

2. Interactions of Dietary Patterns, Systemic Inflammation, and Bone Health
Adrian D. Wood, Helen M. Macdonald

3. Weight Loss and Physical Activity in Obese Older Adults: Impact on Skeletal Muscle and Bone
Dylan R. Kirn, Roger A. Fielding

4. The Hormonal Milieu in Obesity and Influences on the Trabecular, Cortical, and Geometric Properties of Bone
Sue A. Shapses, Deeptha Sukumar

5. Emerging Nutritional and Lifestyle Risk Factors for Bone Health in Young Women: A Mixed Longitudinal Twin Study
Jemma J. Christie, Caryl A. Nowson, Suzanne M. Garland, John D. Wark

6. Dietary Fat Composition and Age-Related Muscle Loss
Ailsa A. Welch

7. Relationships Between Body Fat and Bone Mass
Ian R. Reid

8. Acid–Base Homeostasis and Skeletal Health: Current Thinking and Future Perspectives
Helen Lambert, Claire Huggett, Richard Gannon, Susan A. Lanham-New

9. When Is Low Potential Renal Acid Load (PRAL) Beneficial for Bone?
Thomas Remer, Danika Krupp, Lijie Shi

10. The Effect of Alkaline Potassium Salts on Calcium and Bone Metabolism
Deborah E. Sellmeyer

11. The Effects of Protein Supplementation on Bone Mass in Chinese Postmenopausal Women
Qian Zhang, Feitong Wu, Xiaoqi Hu, Ying Liu, Cuixia Wang, Richard Prince, Kun Zhu

12. The Negative Effect of a High-Protein–Low-Calcium Diet
Peter Burckhardt

13. Prebiotics, Probiotics, Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, and Bone Health
Marlena C. Kruger, Magdalena Coetzee

14. Comparison of Natural Products for Effects on Bone Balance
Connie M. Weaver, Emily E. Hohman

15. Citrus Flavanones and Bone Health
Marie-Noëlle Horcajada, Elizabeth Offord

16. Intake of B Vitamins and Carotenoids in Relation to Risk of Hip Fracture in Elderly Chinese
Zhaoli Dai, Renwei Wang, Li-Wei Ang, Jian-Min Yuan, Woon-Puay Koh

17. Dietary Anthocyanidins and Bone Health
Claire J. Macdonald-Clarke, Helen M. Macdonald

18. Chapter Relative Effects of Vitamin D3 and Calcifediol
Heike A. Bischoff-Ferrari

19. Physical Performance, Muscle Strength, Falls, and Vitamin D
Paul Lips, Natasja M. Schoor

20. Vitamin D Status in Relation to Veiling, Obesity, and Milk Intake in Saudi Women
Khulood Sami Hussein, Hanan Ahmad Alkadi, Susan A. Lanham-New, Mohamed Saleh Ardawi

21. Serum 25(OH)D and Calcium Intake Predict Changes in Hip BMD and Structure in Young Active Men
Jeri W. Nieves, Marsha Zion, Jamie Ruffing, Susan Tendy, Patricia Garrett, Robert Lindsay, Felicia Cosman

22. The Comparative Effects of Vitamin D2 Versus Vitamin D3 Supplementation in Improving Serum 25(OH)D Status: A Review of the Evidence
Laura Tripkovic, Susan A. Lanham-New

23. Vitamin D Supplementation and Changes in Vitamin D and Bone Metabolites in Children
Richard D. Lewis, Emma M. Laing

24. Determinants of the 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Response to Vitamin D Supplements
Bess Dawson-Hughes

25. Strategies for Improving Vitamin D Status: Focus on Fortification
Timothy J. Green, Wangyang Li, Susan J. Whiting

26. Vitamin D and Calcium Absorption: Toward a New Model
Robert P. Heaney

27. Do Desirable Vitamin D Levels Vary Globally?
Ghada El-Hajj Fuleihan, Maya Rahme, Darina Bassil

28. Sexual Dimorphism in Bone and Body Composition in Rural Gambian Prepubertal Children Habituated to a Low Calcium Intake
Landing M. A. Jarjou, Kate A. Ward, Gail R. Goldberg, Yankuba Sawo, Ann Prentice

29. The Likely Importance of Specific Dairy Foods in Relation to Bone Health: Current Knowledge and Future Challenges
Shivani Sahni, Douglas P. Kiel, Marian T. Hannan

30. Galacto-oligosaccharides: Prebiotic Effects on Calcium Absorption and Bone Health
Corrie M. Whisner, Connie M. Weaver

31. The Relationship of Weight-Bearing Physical Activity and Dietary Calcium Intake with Bone Mass Accrual in the Bone Mineral Density in Childhood Study Cohort
Joan Lappe, Patrice Watson, Vicente Gilsanz, Heidi J. Kalkwarf, Thomas N. Hangartner, Sharon E. Oberfield, John Shepherd, Babette S. Zemel, Karen K. Winer

32. Preventing Malnutrition to Reduce Fracture Risk in Aged Care Residents. A Dairy-Based Protein, Calcium, and Vitamin D Supplement Reduce Falls and Femoral Neck Bone Loss in Aged Care Residents: A Cluster Randomized Trial
Sandra Iuliano

33. Effects of Vitamin D and Calcium Supplementation on Heart Rate and Blood Pressure in Community-Dwelling Older Individuals
Michael Pfeifer

34. Calcium Metabolism in Mexican American Adolescents
Cristina Palacios, Connie M. Weaver

35. Calcium Is Not Only Safe but Important for Health
Connie M. Weaver

36. Cardiovascular Safety of Calcium Supplements
Ian R. Reid

37. Blueberry in Calcium- and Vitamin D-Enriched Fermented Milk Is Able to Modulate Bone Metabolism in Postmenopausal Women
Marie-Jeanne Davicco, Caroline Puel, Patrice Lebecque, Véronique Coxam

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