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Energy, Transport, & the Environment

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Oliver Inderwildi, Sir David King

2. Energy, Transport and the Environment: Providing Energy Security
Iain C. Conn

3. The Anomalous Age of Easy Energy
C. J. Campbell

4. Peak Oil Futures: Same Crisis, Different Responses
Jörg Friedrichs

5. Bioenergy Innovation and Sustainable Mobility: Deployment Feedstock Full Potentials
Weber Antonio Neves Amaral, Guilherme Ary Plonski, Eduardo Giuliani

6. Energy Security in an Emission-Constrained World: The Potential for Alternative Fuels
Tara Shirvani

7. Electricity, Mobility and the Neglected Indirect Emissions
Alexander R. Williams

8. The Future of Mobility in a Resource-Constrained World: An Overview and Solutions
Stéphanie Jacometti, Jack Jacometti

9. Hydrogen: An End-State Solution for Transportation?
Asel Sartbaeva, Stephen A. Wells, Vladimir L. Kuznetsov, Peter P. Edwards

10. Pathways to Sustainable Road Transport: A Mosaic of Solutions
Mark Gainsborough

11. Meeting 2050 CO2 Emissions Reduction Targets: The Potential for Electric Vehicles
Julia King, Eric Ling

12. Using Electric Vehicles for Road Transport
Malcolm D. McCulloch, Justin D. K. Bishop, Reed T. Doucette

13. Rechargeable Batteries for Transport and Grid Applications: Current Status and Challenges
Clare P. Grey

14. Fuel Cell Technology
Aaron Holdway, Oliver Inderwildi

15. Fuel Taxes, Fuel Economy of Vehicles and Costs of Conserved Energy: The Case of the European Union
David Bonilla

16. Toward a Global Low Carbon Fuel Standard for Road Transport
Daniel Sperling, Sonia Yeh

17. Personal Urban Mobility for the Twenty-First Century
Christopher E. Borroni-Bird

18. Delivering Sustainable Transport in London
Michèle Dix, Elaine Seagriff

19. Sustainable Urban Mobility
Debra Lam, Peter Head

20. Road Use Charging and Inter-Modal User Equilibrium: The Downs-Thompson Paradox Revisited
Michael G. H. Bell, Muanmas Wichiensin

21. Aviation Policy and Governance
Lourdes Q. Maurice, Carl E. Burleson

22. Sustainable Aviation Alternative Fuels: From Afterthought to Cutting Edge
Richard L. Altman

23. The Potential Impact of Propulsion Technology on Emissions and Energy Security
Peter Ireland

24. Aviation Technology: Aerodynamics, Materials, and Other Options
Christian Carey

25. The Role of Air Traffic Control in Improving Aviation’s Environmental Performance
Ian Jopson

26. Strategy and Organisation at Singapore Airlines: Achieving Sustainable Advantage Through Dual Strategy
Loizos Heracleous, Jochen Wirtz

27. Uncovering the Real Potential for Air–Rail Substitution: An Exploratory Analysis
Moshe Givoni, Frédéric Dobruszkes, Igor Lugo

28. No Third Runway? The Thames Estuary Option
Christian Carey

29. Reducing Energy Consumption and Emissions in the Logistics Sector
Alan C. McKinnon

30. Low Carbon Ships and Shipping
T. W. P. Smith

31. Energy for Railways
Roderick A. Smith

32. Does Britain Need High Speed Rail?
Chris Stokes

33. I Want to Ride My Bicycle! Financing Sustainable Transport
Julie Hudson

34. Economics and the Future of Transport
Phil Goodwin

35. Deciding What Transport is for: Connectivity and the Economy
Bridget Rosewell

36. Global Consequences of the Bioenergy Greenhouse Gas Accounting Error
Tim Searchinger

Keywords: Engineering, Renewable and Green Energy, Energy Economics, Environmental Economics, Climate Change, Transportation, Sustainable Development

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Technology, Energy, Traffic

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