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High-Performance Scientific Computing

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Table of contents

1. Parallel Numerical Computing from Illiac IV to Exascale—The Contributions of Ahmed H. Sameh
Kyle A. Gallivan, Efstratios Gallopoulos, Ananth Grama, Bernard Philippe, Eric Polizzi, Yousef Saad, Faisal Saied, Danny Sorensen

2. Computational Capacity-Based Codesign of Computer Systems
David J. Kuck

3. Measuring Computer Performance
William Jalby, David C. Wong, David J. Kuck, Jean-Thomas Acquaviva, Jean-Christophe Beyler

4. A Compilation Framework for the Automatic Restructuring of Pointer-Linked Data Structures
Harmen L. A. Spek, C. W. Mattias Holm, Harry A. G. Wijshoff

5. Dense Linear Algebra on Accelerated Multicore Hardware
Jack Dongarra, Jakub Kurzak, Piotr Luszczek, Stanimire Tomov

6. The Explicit Spike Algorithm: Iterative Solution of the Reduced System
Carl Christian Kjelgaard Mikkelsen

7. The Spike Factorization as Domain Decomposition Method; Equivalent and Variant Approaches
Victor Eijkhout, Robert Geijn

8. Parallel Solution of Sparse Linear Systems
Murat Manguoglu

9. Parallel Block-Jacobi SVD Methods
Martin Bečka, Gabriel Okša, Marián Vajteršic

10. Robust and Efficient Multifrontal Solver for Large Discretized PDEs
Jianlin Xia

11. A Preconditioned Scheme for Nonsymmetric Saddle-Point Problems
Abdelkader Baggag

12. Effect of Ordering for Iterative Solvers in Structural Mechanics Problems
Sami A. Kilic

13. Scaling Hypre’s Multigrid Solvers to 100,000 Cores
Allison H. Baker, Robert D. Falgout, Tzanio V. Kolev, Ulrike Meier Yang

14. A Riemannian Dennis-Moré Condition
Kyle A. Gallivan, Chunhong Qi, P.-A. Absil

15. A Jump-Start of Non-negative Least Squares Solvers
Mu Wang, Xiaoge Wang

16. Fast Nonnegative Tensor Factorization with an Active-Set-Like Method
Jingu Kim, Haesun Park

17. Knowledge Discovery Using Nonnegative Tensor Factorization with Visual Analytics
Andrey A. Puretskiy, Michael W. Berry

Keywords: Computer Science, Numeric Computing, Information Storage and Retrieval, Math Applications in Computer Science

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13 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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