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Industrial Engineering: Innovative Networks

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Table of contents

1. Smart Government’s Role to Reduce Business Failure
Francisco Acosta, Antonio Juan Briones

2. Outsourcing in Spain’s Automotive Auxiliary Industry: Evolution, Trends, Causes, Effects and Consequences
Jose Miguel Fernández Gómez, Javier Tafur Segura, Miguel Palacios Fernández

3. Evaluation of the Fundamental Index’s Performance in the Spanish Capital Markets From a Passive Investor’s Perspective
Felipe Ruiz, Guillermo Martínez, Rafael Ruiz

4. Entrepreneurial University: The Costa Rica Institute of Technology Experience
Mauricio Monge Agüero, Antonio Juan Briones Peñalver, Domingo Pérez García de Lema

5. Economic Impact of Rural Tourism in Costa Rica and in the Region of Murcia, and Its Implications on Demand
Catalina María Morales, Antonio Juan Briones, Andrés Artal, Antonio García

6. Does the Accessibility of CE Regions Influence Investment Attractiveness?
Marija Bogataj, Milan Domborsky, Vinko Vidučić, Robert Vodopivec

7. Private Sector Initiative for the Development of Industrial Land. La Palma Industrial Park
Diego Ros-McDonnell

8. Statistical Data Mining and Artificial Neural Networks: A Case of Study in Financial Modeling
Pedro J. García-Laencina, M. Ángeles Varela-Jul, José L. Roca-González, Carmen Nieves-Nieto, Joaquín Roca-Dorda

9. An Empirical Analysis of the Most Influential Components of an Income Statement
Roberto Alcalde Delgado, Lourdes Saiz Barcena, Miguel Ángel Manzanedo

10. Five Information-Based Key Factors for Innovative Companies
Lourdes Canós-Darós, Cristina Santandreu-Mascarell, Julio J. Garcia-Sabater, Juan A. Marin-Garcia

11. e-Loyalty Towards ICT-Based Healthcare Services: A Patients’ Perspective
Eva Martínez-Caro, Juan Gabriel Cegarra-Navarro, Marcelina Solano-Lorente

12. Visualizing the Scientific Landscape Using Maps of Science
Gaizka Garechana, Rosa Rio, Ernesto Cilleruelo, Javier Gavilanes

13. Technology-Based Firms in Universities in the Basque Country-Aqu itaine Euroregion
Enara Zarrabeitia, Aline Dupouy, Pablo Díaz de Basurto, Patxi Elissalde, Patxi Ruiz de Arbulo

14. Innovation in Cost Management. A Comparison Between Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing (TDABC) and Value Stream Costing (VSC) in an Auto-Parts Factory
Patxi Ruiz de Arbulo, Jordi Fortuny, Javier García, Pablo Díaz de Basurto, Enara Zarrabeitia

15. The Link Between Following a Project Management Standard and the Technology Transfer Results in Basque R&D Centres
Noemi Zabaleta, Juan Ignacio Igartua, Nekane Errasti

16. External Sources of Knowledge and Innovation Performance: Evidence from Spanish Industrial Firms
M. Segarra Ciprés, S. Palomero Ródenas, V. Roca Puig

17. Eco-Design in the Furniture and Wood-Processing Sector in Spain: Benefits and Constraints
María Pilar Cordero, Raúl Poler

18. Aligning Hotel Data Management for Customer-Related Resource Assignment Decisions
Rajesh Natarajan, Alfonso Duran

19. Environmental Management in Industrial Enterprises: A Multiple Case Study
M. Ormazábal, J. M. Sarriegi

20. Organizational Structure Shapes Performance in Dynamic Environments: Studying the Relationship Between Structure and Performance
Arsalan Nisar, Carlos Rodríguez-Monroy, Felipe Ruiz, Wu Yuxi

21. Competing Through People: A Model for the Implementation of Employee Participation Systems
José Carlos Prado–Prado, Jesús García-Arca, Arturo Fernández-González

22. On Dynamic Games in the European Electricity Market
Kateřina Staňková

23. Contingency Between Elasticity of Demand and Bullwhip Effect in Logistics Chains
Francisco Campuzano-Bolarín, Marija Bogataj, Lorenzo Ros-McDonnell

24. Safety Management in Manufacturing and its Influence in Injury Rates: Evidences from Spanish National Safety Management Survey (2009)
Jesús A. Carrillo, Ventura Pérez, Luis Onieva

25. Method for IT Governance Based on Enterprise Modelling
Eloy Hontoria, Antonio Fernández, M. Victoria de-la-Fuente

26. Making Product-Service Systems in Collaborative Networks: Implications in Business Processes
Faustino Alarcón, María del Mar Eva Alemany, Ángel Ortiz

27. Use of Value Mapping Tools for Manufacturing Systems Redesign
Luis F. Romero Dessens, Zuhara I. Chávez López

28. Developing a Plug&Lean-CiMo a Model for Improving Manufacturing Operations
Martha-Patricia García, Javier Santos, Mikel Arcelus, Elisabeth Viles

29. Order Fulfilment Strategies in the Capital Goods Sector. An Empirical Research
Raquel Sanchis, Eduardo Saiz, Eduardo Castellano, Raul Poler

30. On the Exact Calculation of the Fill Rate for Repairable Parts: Application to an Airline Company
Marta Palmer, Eugenia Babiloni, Manuel Cardós, Sofía Estellés

31. Supply Chain Demand Forecasting: Towards an Integrated Approach
Juan R. Trapero, Diego J. Pedregal

32. Logistic Management Optimization for a Container Port Terminal
Elvira Maeso, Manuel Ballesteros, Javier Caballero

33. A Simulation-Based Solution for Optimal Logistics of Heavy and Variable-Size Items
M. Victoria de-la-Fuente, Eloy Hontoria, Lorenzo Ros-McDonnell

34. Analysis of Processes for a Collaborative Network
M. Victoria de-la-Fuente, Lorenzo Ros-McDonnell, Eloy Hontoria

35. A Supply Chain Operations Lot-Sizing and Scheduling Model with Alternative Operations
Julien Maheut, José Pedro Garcia-Sabater, Josefa Mula

36. The Power of ECOTOOL MATLAB Toolbox
Diego J. Pedregal, Juan R. Trapero

37. Solving Flow Shop Problems with Bounded Dynamic Programming
Joaquín Bautista, Alberto Cano, Ramon Companys, Imma Ribas

38. Performance of Bounded Dynamic Programming Applied to a Variant of the MMSP-W Problem
Joaquín Bautista, Alberto Cano
, Rocío Alfaro

39. Solution Approaches for Material Requirement Planning* with Fuzzy Costs
Josefa Mula, Manuel Díaz-Madroñero

40. Forecasting Methods for Determining the Level of Safety Stock in Electronic Industry
Fauzia Dianawati, Isti Surjandari, Rainy Nafitri

41. On the Fill Rate Approximations in Periodic Review Systems for Discrete Demand
E. Guijarro, E. Babiloni, M. Cardós, J. M. Albarracín

42. A Fuzzy Approach to Forecasting the Attractiveness of Regions for Human Resources
Marija Bogataj, Samo Drobne, Danijela Tuljak Suban

43. Parallel CUDA Architecture for Solving de VRP with ACO
Francisco Javier Diego, Eva María Gómez, Miguel Ortega-Mier, Álvaro García-Sánchez

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Organization/Planning, Innovation/Technology Management

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