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Research and Development in Intelligent Systems XXVIII

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Table of contents

1. Random Prism: An Alternative to Random Forests
Frederic Stahl, Max Bramer

2. Exploiting Automatic Validation in Human Mission Planning
Pietro Torasso, Gianluca Torta

3. Real-Time Path Planning using a Simulation-Based Markov Decision Process
Munir Naveed, Andrew Crampton, Diane Kitchin, Lee McCluskey

4. Using a Plan Graph with Interaction Estimates for Probabilistic Planning
Yolanda E-Martín, María D. R-Moreno, David E. Smith

5. A Hybrid Parallel Genetic Algorithm for the Winner Determination Problem in Combinatorial Auctions
Dalila Boughaci, Louiza Slaouti, Kahina Achour

6. Validation Sets, Genetic Programming and Generalisation
Jeannie Fitzgerald, Conor Ryan

7. A Hyper-Heuristic Approach to Evolving Algorithms for Bandwidth Reduction Based on Genetic Programming
Behrooz Koohestani, Riccardo Poli

8. Two stage speaker verification using Self Organising Map and Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network
Tariq Tashan, Tony Allen

9. Investigation into Computer vision methods to extract information for Context based image retrieval methods
Karen Roux

10. A Multimodal Biometric Fusion Approach based on Binary Particle Optimization
Waheeda Almayyan, Hala Own, Rabab Abel-Kader, Hussian Zedan

11. Using Negation and Phrases in Inducing Rules for Text Classification
Stephanie Chua, Frans Coenen, Grant Malcolm, Matías Fernando, García Constantino

12. Choosing a Case Base Maintenance Algorithm using a Meta-Case Base
Lisa Cummins, Derek Bridge

13. Successive Reduction of Arms in Multi-Armed Bandits
Neha Gupta, Ole-Christoffer Granmo, Ashok Agrawala

14. 2D Mass-spring-like Model for Prediction of a Sponge’s Behaviour upon Robotic Interaction
Veronica E. Arriola-Rios, Jeremy Wyatt

15. Quality Management Using Electrical Capacitance Tomography and Genetic Programming: A new Framework
Alaa F. Sheta, Peter Rausch, Alaa Al–Afeef

16. MOEA/D with DE and PSO: MOEA/D-DE+PSO
Wali Khan Mashwani

17. Cross Organisational Compatible Plans Generation Framework
Mohammad Saleem, Paul W.H. Chung, Shaheen Fatima, Wei Dai

18. A Neural Network for Counter-Terrorism
S.J. Dixon, M.B. Dixon, J. Elliott, E. Guest, D. J. Mullier

19. Web Community Knowledge Extraction for myCBR 3

Christian Sauer, Thomas Roth-Berghofer

20. Web-Site Boundary Detection Using Incremental RandomWalk Clustering
Ayesh Alshukri, Frans Coenen, Michele Zito

21. Trend Mining and Visualisation in Social Networks
Puteri N.E. Nohuddin, Wataru Sunayama, Rob Christley, Frans Coenen, Christian Setzkorn

22. DenGraph-HO: Density-based Hierarchical Community Detection for Explorative Visual Network Analysis
Nico Schlitter, Tanja Falkowski, J¨org L¨assig

23. Using the Gamma Test in the Analysis of Classification Models for Time-Series Events in Urodynamics Investigations
Steve Hogan, Paul Jarvis, Ian Wilson

24. DScentTrail: A New Way of Viewing Deception
S.J. Dixon, M.B. Dixon, J. Elliott, E. Guest, D. J. Mullier

25. Semi-Automatic Analysis of Traditional Media with Machine Learning
Daoud Clarke, Peter C.R. Lane, Paul Hender

26. Design of Robust Space Trajectories
Giovanni Stracquadanio, Angelo Ferla, Matteo Felice, Giuseppe Nicosia

27. Intelligent Tuning of a Dynamic Business Simulation Environment
Thierry Mamer, Siddhartha Shakya, John McCall, Gilbert Owusu

28. Towards Large-Scale Multi-Agent Based Rodent Simulation: The “Mice In A Box” Scenario
E. Agiriga, F. Coenen, J. Hurst, R. Beynon, D. Kowalski

29. Analysis of IDDM Rats
R. Schmidt, H. Weiss, G. Fuellen

Keywords: Computer Science, Computer Science, general

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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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