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Table of contents

1. “Excuse Me…”: Unsolicited Dermatologic Opinions: Ethical, Moral, and Legal Issues
Lionel Bercovitch

2. “Give Me Enbrel™ or Give Me Death”: Confronting the Limits of Autonomy
Lionel Bercovitch

3. Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Medications: Misguided “Autonomy” in the Information Age
Lisa Pappas-Taffer, Alexander Miller

4. Autonomy, Isotretinoin and iPLEDGE: The Ethics of Burdensome Regulation and Use of Teratogenic Medication
Kenneth E. Bloom, Lionel Bercovitch

5. “Who Speaks for the Child?” Consent, Assent, and Confidentiality in Pediatric Dermatology
Kenneth E. Bloom, Lionel Bercovitch

6. Therapeutic Privilege: If, When, and How to Lie to Patients
Richard G. Fried, Clifford Perlis

7. Communicating with Patients About Adverse Medical Events: If, When, and How to Say “I’m Sorry”
Steven Shama, Lyn Duncan, Lionel Bercovitch

8. The Computer Will See You Now: Ethics of Teledermatology
Jennifer L. Weinberg, Rachel H. Gormley, Carrie L. Kovarik

9. Hospital Consultations: Embracing Professionalism Even When It Hurts
Lauren E. Krug, Stephen E. Helms

10. The Extender Is In: Delegating Ethically—Ethical and Professional Issues Relating to Physician Extenders in Dermatology
Steven Rosenberg, Clifford Perlis

11. Professional Boundaries: Safeguarding the Physician–Patient Relationship
Brandon H. Krupp

12. Taking Care of Uncle Bob’s Rash: Should One Treat Family Members?
Sandra Osswald

13. Peering into the Gift Horse: Is It Ethical to Accept Gifts from Patients?
Lionel Bercovitch

14. The Dermatologist and Social Media: The Challenges of Friending and Tweeting
Jennifer A. Sbicca, Stanton K. Wesson

15. Respecting Differences: Dermatology in a Diverse Society
Vimal Prajapati, Benjamin Barankin

16. Dermatologists Within, Beyond and Struggling with Borders: The Global Dermatologist
Jennifer L. Weinberg

17. Feet of Clay: The Impaired Dermatologist
Brandon H. Krupp

18. The Mentor-Mentee Relationship: The Devil Is in the Details
Kimberly L. Merkel, John A. Cole, Stanton K. Wesson

19. Tales from the Residency Interview Trail
Jennifer A. Sbicca, Alfred T. Lane

20. Ethics Education for Residents: Growing Pains and Learning Crises
Irèn Kossintseva, Benjamin Barankin

21. Teaching Ethics in Clinic: Keeping You Smart and Honest
Nely Z. Aldrich, Eliot N. Mostow

22. Boutiques, Botox®, and Basal Cells: Can Dermatology Set Its Priorities?
Jeffrey J. Meffert, Maria Villegas

23. The Price Is Right: Office Dispensing and Product Pricing
Tivon Sidorsky

24. My Elixir, MD: Morphing a Medical Degree into a Skincare Brand
Julie Cantor

25. Marketing the Physician: From Antitrust to Distrust
Catherine L. Kowalewski, Jeffrey J. Meffert

26. What the Market Will Bear? Ethical and Professional Issues in Medical Fees
Carl Johnson, Lionel Bercovitch

27. Spa, MD: When Dermatology Meets Aromatherapy
Tivon Sidorsky, Lionel Bercovitch

28. Gatekeepers, Dermatologists, and Their Patients: Mixed Messages in Managed Care
Lindsey A. Brodell, Robert T. Brodell, Brendan Minogue

29. Ethical Adventures in 21st Century Dermatopathology
Homer O. Wiland, Barry D. Kels, Jane Grant-Kels

30. Defining the Gray Zone: Client Billing and Contractual Joint Ventures
Homer O. Wiland, Barry D. Kels, Jane Grant-Kels

31. No Strings Attached? Managing Conflicts of Interest in Medicine
Noah D. Shannon, Clifford Perlis

32. Respecting Human Subjects: Responsibilities of the Clinical Investigator
Kenneth Katz, Samual Garner

33. Hope, Hype, and Genotype: Genetic Testing in Dermatological Diseases
Natasha Shur

34. Desperate Measures for Desperate Patients: Translational Research in Epidermolysis Bullosa
Alfred T. Lane

35. Reading Between the Lines: Can Peer Reviewers Be Expected to Detect Fraud?
Jason D. Gillum, Jeffrey D. Bernhard, Robert P. Dellavalle

36. Hiding Behind the Curtain: Anonomyous Versus Open Peer Review
Andrea L. Suárez, Jeffrey D. Bernhard, Robert P. Dellavalle

37. Ghost Busting in Dermatology Publications: Providing Byline Integrity
Andrea L. Suárez, Jeffrey D. Bernhard, Robert P. Dellavalle

38. Telling the Same Tale Twice: Déjà vu and the Shades of Grey in Self-Plagiarism
Andrea L. Suárez, Jeffrey D. Bernhard, Robert P. Dellavalle

39. Cutting Edge or Cutting Corners? Innovative Care
Jolion McGreevy, Clifford Perlis

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Dermatology, Theory of Medicine/Bioethics, Health Administration

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