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Colonoscopy: Principles and Practice

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List of Contributors.

Section 1: General Aspects of Colonoscopy.

1. History of Endoscopy in the Rectum and Colon.

H. Niwa, Y. Sakai & C.B. Williams.

2. The Colonoscopy Suite.

M.E. Rich.

3. Continuous Quality Improvement in Colonoscopy.

J. Petrini.

Section 2: Preparation - General.

4. The Gastrointestinal Assistant (GIA) during Colonoscopy.

C. Dykes.

5. Cleaning and Disinfection.

D.A. Greenwald.

Section 3: Preparation of the Patient.

6. Informed Consent for Colonoscopy.

A.D. Feld.

7. Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Colonoscopy.

G. Zuccaro.

8. Management of Anticoagulation and Antiplatelet Agents.

G.M. Eisen and K. Hoda.

9. Sedation for Colonoscopy.

L. B. Cohen and J. Aisenberg.

10. Preparation for Colonoscopy.

J.A. DiPalma.

Section 4: Preparation of Endoscopist.

11. Training in Colonoscopy.

S. Banerjee & J. Van Dam.

12. Teaching Aids in Colonoscopy.

R. Sáenz.

13. Teaching Colonoscopy.

J. T. Anderson.

14. Role of Simulators in Endoscopy.

J. Cohen & S. Bar-Meir.

Section 5: Indications, Contraindications, Screening, and Complications.

15. Indications and Contraindications.

M. A. Khashab and D. K. Rex.

16. Diagnostic Yield of Colonoscopy by Indication.

F. Froehlich & J.-J. Gonvers.

17. Screening Colonoscopy: Rationale and Performance.

D. Lieberman.

18. Cost-effectiveness of Colonoscopy Screening.

A. Sonnenberg.


Section 6: Reports and Imaging.

19. Standardization of the Endoscopic Report: Interest of a common vocabulary and specificities for colonoscopy.

M.M. Delvaux.

20. Reporting and Image Management.

L. Aabakken.


Section 7: Instrument and Accessories.


21. The Video Colonoscope.

D.E. Barlow.

22. The Colonoscope Insertion Tube.

J.B. Marshall.

23. Capsule Colonoscopy.

A. Postgate, J. DeViere and C Fraser.

24. Accessories.

G.G. Ginsberg.

25. Clips, Loops, and Bands: Applications in the Colon.

M.J. Bourke & S.J. Williams.

26. Principles of Electrosurgery, Laser, and Argon Plasma Coagulation with Particular Regard to Colonoscopy.

G. Farin & K.E. Grund.

Section 8: Neoplasia.

27. Polyp Biology.

C.R. Boland and A. Goel.

28. Colon Polyps: Prevalence rates, Incidence Rates, and Growth Rates.

B. Hofstad.

29. Pathology of Colorectal Polyps.

N. Harpaz.

30. Management of Malignant Polyps.

S.J. Winawer & M. O’Brien.

31. Magnifying Colonoscopy, Depressed Colorectal Cancer, and Flat Adenomas.

H. Kashida & S. Kudo.

32. Flat and Depressed Colorectal Neoplasia in the Western Countries.

R. Soetikno & P.J. Pasricha.

33. Hereditary Colorectal Cancer.

R.W. Burt.

34. Colonoscopic Biopsy.

W.M. Weinstein.

35. Colonoscopic Chromoendoscopy.

DP Hurlstone.

36. Optical Techniques for the Endoscopic Detection of Early Dysplastic Colonic Lesions.

R.S. DaCosta, B.C. Wilson & N.E. Marcon.

37. EUS and Colonoscopy.

J.W. Stubbe and P. Fockens.

38. Narrow Band Imaging (NBI).

Y. Sano, F. Emura & H. Ikematsu.

39. Endomicroscopy for in vivo diagnosis of colorectal cancer.

R. Kiesslich & M. Neurath.

Section 10: Technique.

40. Insertion Technique.

C.B. Williams.

41. Missed Neoplasms and Optimal Colonoscopic Withdrawal Technique.

K.C. Huh and D.K. Rex.

42. Polypectomy Basic Principles.

J.D. Waye.

43. Difficult Polypectomy.

J.D. Waye, N. Soehendra and U. Seitz.

44. Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection in the Colon.

N. Yahagi.

45. Retrieval of Colonic Polyps.

B.E. Roth.

46. 3-D Magnetic Imaging of Colonoscopy – ‘SAT NAV’ for Colonoscopy.

B.P. Saunders, S.G. Shah and C. Williams.

Section 11: Clinical use of Colonoscopy.

47. Colonoscopy and Severe Hematochezia.

D.A. Jensen & G.A. Machicado.

48. Endoscopy in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.

G. D’Haens, S. Vermeire, G. Van Assche and P. Rutgeerts.

49. Infections and Other Non-inflammatory-Bowel Disease Colitides.

C. M. Surawicz.

50. Acute Colonic Pseudo-obstruction.

M.B. Kimmey.

51. Endoscopic Treatment of Chronic Radiation Proctopathy.

C.J. Gostout.

52. Benign and Malignant Colorectal Strictures.

T.H. Baron.

53. Complications.

J. Church.

Section 12: Surveillance.

54. Postpolypectomy Surveillance.

J.H. Bond.

55. Colonoscopy after Colon Cancer Resection.

C.J. Kahi and D.A. Haggstrom.

Section 13: Pediatric Colonoscopy.

56. Pediatric Colonoscopy.

M. Kay and R. Wyllie.

Section 14: Virtual Colonoscopy.

57. Virtual Colonoscopy in the Evaluation of Colonic Diseases.

P.J. Pickhardt.

Section 15: The Future.

58. New Colonoscopes and Assist Devices.

S. Bar-Meir.

59. The Future of Colonoscopy.

P.J. Pasricha.





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