Blazina, Christopher

The Psychology of the Human-Animal Bond

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Using Context to Inform Clinical Practice and Research
Christopher Blazina, Güler Boyraz, David Shen-Miller

2. British Animal Behaviour Studies in the Twentieth Century: Some Interdisciplinary Perspectives
David A. H. Wilson

3. The History of Animal Ethics in Western Culture
Rod Preece

4. The Human–Animal Experience in Deep Historical Perspective
Todd J. Braje

5. Predator–Prey Relationships: What Humans Can Learn from Horses about Being Whole
Judy Skeen

6. Lapdogs and Moral Shepherd’s Dogs: Canine and Paid Female Companions in Nineteenth-Century English Literature
Lauren N. Hoffer

7. Understanding the AAT Rx: Applications of AAI in Clinical Practice
Aubrey H. Fine

8. Self Psychology and the Human–Animal Bond: An Overview
Sue-Ellen Brown

9. A Developmental Psychological Perspective on the Human–Animal Bond
Nancy A. Pachana, Bronwyn M. Massavelli, Sofia Robleda-Gomez

10. Pet Ownership and Health
Judith M. Siegel

11. Family-Present Euthanasia: Protocols for Planning and Preparing Clients for the Death of a Pet
Laurel Lagoni

12. Life After Loss: Psychodynamic Perspectives on a Continuing Bonds Approach with “Pet Companion”
Christopher Blazina

13. Death of a Companion Animal: Understanding Human Responses to Bereavement
Helen L. Davis

14. A Triad of Family Violence: Examining Overlap in the Abuse of Children, Partners, and Pets
Sarah DeGue

15. Urbanization and Animal Cruelty: What Role Does Utilitarianism Play?
Samara McPhedran

16. Broken Bonds: Understanding the Experience of Pet Relinquishment
Bruce S. Sharkin, Lisa A. Ruff

17. Children and Adolescents Who Are Kind to Animals
Camilla Pagani

18. Rational Emotions: Animal Rights Theory, Feminist Critiques and Activist Insight
Carol L. Glasser

19. Abusing the Human–Animal Bond: On the Making of Fighting Dogs
Linda Kalof, Maria Andromachi Iliopoulou

20. The Pet Attitude Scale
Donald I. Templer, Hiroko Arikawa

21. Qualitative Directions in Human–Animal Companion Research
David Shen-Miller

22. Pet Loss and Grief: An Integrative Perspective
Güler Boyraz, Michael E. Bricker

Keywords: Psychology, Health Psychology, Rehabilitation, Social Work

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