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Controlled Pulmonary Drug Delivery

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Table of contents

1. Macro- and Microstructure of the Airways for Drug Delivery
Kevin P. O’Donnell, Hugh D. C. Smyth

2. Pulmonary Drug Metabolism, Clearance, and Absorption
Bo Olsson, Eva Bondesson, Lars Borgström, Staffan Edsbäcker, Stefan Eirefelt, Katarina Ekelund, Lena Gustavsson, Tove Hegelund-Myrbäck

3. Pulmonary Drug Delivery: An Historical Overview
Mark Sanders

4. The Physics of Aerosol Droplet and Particle Generation from Inhalers
Zhen Xu, Anthony J. Hickey

5. Overcoming Lung Clearance Mechanisms for Controlled Release Drug Delivery
Ibrahim M. El-Sherbiny, Diana G. Villanueva, Dea Herrera, Hugh D. C. Smyth

6. Targeted Drug Delivery Through the Respiratory System: Molecular Control on Lung Absorption and Disposition
Masahiro Sakagami, Mark Gumbleton

7. Controlled Transport for Pulmonary Drug Delivery
Jennifer Fiegel, Timothy Brenza, Rania Hamed

8. Science and Technology of Pressurized Metered-Dose Inhalers
Sandro R. P. Rocha, Balaji Bharatwaj, Sowmya Saiprasad

9. Science and Technology of Dry Powder Inhalers
Timothy M. Crowder, Martin J. Donovan

10. Science and Technology of Nebulizers and Liquid-Based Aerosol Generators
Aileen Gibbons, Hugh D. C. Smyth

11. Excipients Utilized for Modifying Pulmonary Drug Release
Poonam Sheth, Paul B. Myrdal

12. Polymers for Pulmonary Drug Delivery
Poonam Sheth, Paul B. Myrdal

13. Particle Engineering Technologies for Pulmonary Drug Delivery
Nashwa El-Gendy, Mark M. Bailey, Cory Berkland

14. Liposomes for Pulmonary Drug Delivery
Janani Swaminathan, Carsten Ehrhardt

15. Nanoparticles for Pulmonary Delivery
Alan B. Watts, Robert O. Williams

16. Pulmonary Delivery of Plasmid DNA for Disease Prevention and Therapy
Simon Heuking, Gerrit Borchard

17. In Vitro Performance Testing for Pulmonary Drug Delivery
Yoen-Ju Son, Jolyon P. Mitchell, Jason T. McConville

18. In Vitro Cell Culture Models for Evaluating Controlled Release Pulmonary Drug Delivery
Stephen T. Buckley, Kwang-Jin Kim, Carsten Ehrhardt

19. In Vivo Animal Models for Controlled-Release Pulmonary Drug Delivery
Lucila Garcia-Contreras

20. Imaging Pulmonary Drug Delivery
Philip J. Kuehl

21. Development and Approval of Inhaled Respiratory Drugs: A US Regulatory Science Perspective
Gur Jai Pal Singh, Guirag Poochikian

22. Developing Performance Specifications for Pulmonary Products
Stephen T. Horhota, Stefan Leiner

Keywords: Biomedicine, Biomedicine general, Pharmaceutical Sciences/Technology

Publication year
Advances in Delivery Science and Technology
Page amount
13 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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