Calvo, Rafael A.

New Perspectives on Affect and Learning Technologies

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Rafael A. Calvo, Sidney K. D’Mello

2. Theoretical Perspectives on Affect and Deep Learning
Art Graesser, Sidney K. D’Mello

3. Emotions as Drivers of Learning and Cognitive Development
Reinhard Pekrun

4. Towards a Motivationally Intelligent Pedagogy: How Should an Intelligent Tutor Respond to the Unmotivated or the Demotivated?
Benedict du Boulay

5. Natural Affect Data: Collection and Annotation
Shazia Afzal, Peter Robinson

6. Combining Cognitive Appraisal and Sensors for Affect Detection in a Framework for Modeling User Affect
Cristina Conati

7. Affect Recognition and Expression in Narrative-Centered Learning Environments
James C. Lester, Scott W. McQuiggan, Jennifer L. Sabourin

8. Advancing a Multimodal Real-Time Affective Sensing Research Platform
Winslow Burleson

9. A Motivationally Supportive Affect-Sensitive AutoTutor
Sidney K. D’Mello, Blair Lehman, Art Graesser

10. Actionable Affective Processing for Automatic Tutor Interventions
David G. Cooper, Ivon Arroyo, Beverly Park Woolf

11. Integrating Cognitive, Metacognitive, and Affective Regulatory Processes with MetaTutor
Roger Azevedo, Amber Chauncey Strain

12. Designing Adaptive Motivational Scaffolding for a Tutoring System
Genaro Rebolledo-Mendez, Rosemary Luckin, Benedict du Boulay

13. Annotating Disengagement for Spoken Dialogue Computer Tutoring
Kate Forbes-Riley, Diane Litman, Heather Friedberg

14. Comparing the Incidence and Persistence of Learners’ Affect During Interactions with Different Educational Software Packages
Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Ryan S. J. d. Baker

15. Cognitive Load in Adaptive Multimedia Learning
Slava Kalyuga

16. The Role of Affect in Creative Minds
Andy Dong

17. Perspectives from Social and Affective Neuroscience on the Design of Digital Learning Technologies
Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Vanessa Singh

18. Affect, Technology and Convivial Learning Environments
Peter Goodyear

19. Significant Accomplishments, New Challenges, and New Perspectives
Sidney K. D’Mello, Rafael A. Calvo

Keywords: Education, Educational Technology, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Cognitive Psychology, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Explorations in the Learning Sciences, Instructional Systems and Performance Technologies
Page amount
17 pages
Upbringing, Education

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