Bauschke, Heinz H.

Fixed-Point Algorithms for Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering

Bauschke, Heinz H. - Fixed-Point Algorithms for Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Chebyshev Sets, Klee Sets, and Chebyshev Centers with Respect to Bregman Distances: Recent Results and Open Problems
Heinz H. Bauschke, Mason S. Macklem, Xianfu Wang

2. Self-Dual Smooth Approximations of Convex Functions via the Proximal Average
Heinz H. Bauschke, Sarah M. Moffat, Xianfu Wang

3. A Linearly Convergent Algorithm for Solving a Class of Nonconvex/Affine Feasibility Problems
Amir Beck, Marc Teboulle

4. The Newton Bracketing Method for Convex Minimization: Convergence Analysis
Adi Ben-Israel, Yuri Levin

5. Entropic Regularization of the
0 Function
Jonathan M. Borwein, D. Russell Luke

6. The Douglas–Rachford Algorithm in the Absence of Convexity
Jonathan M. Borwein, Brailey Sims

7. A Comparison of Some Recent Regularity Conditions for Fenchel Duality
Radu Ioan Boţ, Ernö Robert Csetnek

8. Non-Local Functionals for Imaging
Jérôme Boulanger, Peter Elbau, Carsten Pontow, Otmar Scherzer

9. Opial-Type Theorems and the Common Fixed Point Problem
Andrzej Cegielski, Yair Censor

10. Proximal Splitting Methods in Signal Processing
Patrick L. Combettes, Jean-Christophe Pesquet

11. Arbitrarily Slow Convergence of Sequences of Linear Operators: A Survey
Frank Deutsch, Hein Hundal

12. Graph-Matrix Calculus for Computational Convex Analysis
Bryan Gardiner, Yves Lucet

13. Identifying Active Manifolds in Regularization Problems
W. L. Hare

14. Approximation Methods for Nonexpansive Type Mappings in Hadamard Manifolds
Genaro López, Victoria Martín-Márquez

15. Existence and Approximation of Fixed Points of Bregman Firmly Nonexpansive Mappings in Reflexive Banach Spaces
Simeon Reich, Shoham Sabach

16. Regularization Procedures for Monotone Operators: Recent Advances
J. P. Revalski

17. Minimizing the Moreau Envelope of Nonsmooth Convex Functions over the Fixed Point Set of Certain Quasi-Nonexpansive Mappings
Isao Yamada, Masahiro Yukawa, Masao Yamagishi

18. The Brézis-Browder Theorem Revisited and Properties of Fitzpatrick Functions of Order n

Liangjin Yao

Keywords: Mathematics, Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control, Optimization, Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics, Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity, Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Physics

Publication year
Springer Optimization and Its Applications
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11 pages
Natural Sciences

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