Bressan, Alberto

Nonlinear Conservation Laws and Applications

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Table of contents

1. Open Questions in the Theory of One Dimensional Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
Alberto Bressan

2. Multidimensional Conservation Laws: Overview, Problems, and Perspective
Gui-Qiang G. Chen

3. Mathematical Analysis of Fluids in Motion
Eduard Feireisl

4. Selected Topics in Approximate Solutions of Nonlinear Conservation Laws. High-Resolution Central Schemes
Eitan Tadmor

5. Stability and Dynamics of Viscous Shock Waves
Kevin Zumbrun

6. Mathematical Aspects of A Model for Granular Flow
Debora Amadori, Wen Shen

7. The Flow Associated to Weakly Differentiable Vector Fields: Recent Results and Open Problems
Luigi Ambrosio

8. Existence and Uniqueness Results for the Continuity Equation and Applications to the Chromatography System
Luigi Ambrosio, Gianluca Crippa, Alessio Figalli, Laura V. Spinolo

9. Finite Energy Weak Solutions to the Quantum Hydrodynamics System
Paolo Antonelli, Pierangelo Marcati

10. The Monge Problem in Geodesic Spaces
Stefano Bianchini, Fabio Cavalletti

11. Existence of a Unique Solution to a Nonlinear Moving-Boundary Problem of Mixed Type Arising in Modeling Blood Flow
Sunčica Čanić, Andro Mikelić, Tae-Beom Kim, Giovanna Guidoboni

12. Transonic Flows and Isometric Embeddings
Gui-Qiang G. Chen, Marshall Slemrod, Dehua Wang

13. Well Posedness and Control in Models Based on Conservation Laws
Rinaldo M. Colombo

14. Homogenization of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations in the Context of Ergodic Algebras: Recent Results and Open Problems
Hermano Frid, Jean Silva

15. Conservation Laws at A Node
Mauro Garavello

16. Nonlinear Hyperbolic Surface Waves
John K. Hunter

17. Vacuum in Gas and Fluid Dynamics
Juhi Jang, Nader Masmoudi

18. On Radially Symmetric Solutions to Conservation Laws
Helge Kristian Jenssen

19. Charge Transport in an Incompressible Fluid: New Devices in Computational Electronics
Joseph W. Jerome

20. Localization and Shear Bands in High Strain-Rate Plasticity
Theodoros Katsaounis, Athanasios Tzavaras

21. Hyperbolic Conservation Laws on Spacetimes
Philippe G. Lefloch

22. Reduced Theories in Nonlinear Elasticity
Marta Lewicka

23. Mathematical, Physical and Numerical Principles Essential for Models of Turbulent Mixing
Hyunkyung Lim, Yan Yu, James Glimm, David H. Sharp

24. On The Euler-Poisson Equations of Self-Gravitating Compressible Fluids
Tao Luo, Joel Smoller

25. Viscous System of Conservation Laws: Singular Limits
Denis Serre

26. A Two-Dimensional Riemann Problem for Scalar Conservation Laws
Hao Ying, Barbara Lee Keyfitz

27. Semi-Hyperbolic Waves in Two-Dimensional Compressible Euler Systems
Yuxi Zheng

Keywords: Mathematics, Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory, Mathematical Methods in Physics, Fluid- and Aerodynamics

Publication year
The IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications
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11 pages
Natural Sciences

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