Sussman, Robert W.

Origins of Altruism and Cooperation

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Cooperation and Altruism
Robert W. Sussman, C. Robert Cloninger

2. Cooperation, Altruism, and Human Evolution: Introduction Part I
Ian Tattersall

3. The Influence of Predation on Primate and Early Human Evolution: Impetus for Cooperation
Donna Hart, Robert W. Sussman

4. Born to Cooperate? Altruism as Exaptation and the Evolution of Human Sociality
Telmo Pievani

5. The Phylogenesis of Human Personality: Identifying the Precursors of Cooperation, Altruism, and Well-Being
C. Robert Cloninger, Sita Kedia

6. Cooperation and the Evolution of Social Living: Moving Beyond the Constraints and Implications of Misleading Dogma: Introduction Part II
Marc Bekoff

7. Primates, Niche Construction, and Social Complexity: The Roles of Social Cooperation and Altruism
Katherine C. MacKinnon, Agustín Fuentes

8. Collective Action and Male Affiliation in Howler Monkeys (Alouatta
Paul A. Garber, Martin K. Kowalewski

9. Mechanisms of Cohesion in Black Howler Monkeys
Mary S. M. Pavelka

10. Social Plasticity and Demographic Variation in Primates
Karen B. Strier

11. Altruism and Cooperation Among Humans: The Ethnographic Evidence: Introduction Part III
Peter Benson

12. Violence Reduction Among the Gebusi of Papua New Guinea – And Across Humanity
Bruce M. Knauft

13. Human Nature: The Nomadic Forager Model
Douglas P. Fry

14. Born to Live: Challenging Killer Myths
R. Brian Ferguson

15. Notes Toward a Human Nature for the Third Millennium
Walter Goldschmidt†

16. Behavior Meets Neuroscience: Achievements, Prospects, and Complexity: Introduction Part IV
Jane Phillips-Conroy

17. The Neurobiology of Cooperation and Altruism
James K. Rilling

18. Behavioral and Neuroendocrine Interactions in Affiliation
Charles T. Snowdon

19. Early Social Experience and the Ontogenesis of Emotion Regulatory Behavior in Children
Seth D. Pollak

20. Human Altruism and Cooperation: Needs and the Promotion of Well-Being in Modern Life: Introduction Part V
Juan E. Mezzich

21. Altruism as an Aspect of Relational Consciousness and How Culture Inhibits It
David Hay

22. Hope Rekindled: Well-Being, Humanism, and Education
Kevin Cloninger

23. Promoting Well-Being in Health Care
Lauren E. Munsch, Helen Herrman

24. Moving Beyond the Nature/Nurture Distinction: Promotion of Transdisciplinary Research
Dan G. Blazer

Keywords: Life Sciences, Behavioural Sciences, Anthropology, Animal Ecology

Publication year
Developments in Primatology: Progress and Prospects
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16 pages
Natural Sciences

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