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Sensors, Instrumentation and Special Topics, Volume 6

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Table of contents

1. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Forming Limit Diagram for AA3105
Mehdi. Safari, S. J. Hoseinipour, H. D. Azodi

2. Multi-field Microphone – when the Sound Field is unknown
Svend Gade, Niels V. Bøgholm

3. Separating Three Sources of Changes in Structural Health Monitoring
Jyrki Kullaa

4. Structural Damage Identification with Various Uncertainties
Jiann-Shiun Lew, Michael Williamson

5. Excitation techniques for testing bike vibration transmission in the laboratory
Julien Lépine, Yvan Champoux, Jean-Marc Drouet

6. Damage Detection Using Blind Source Separation Techniques
Nguyen Viet Ha, Golinval Jean-Claude

7. Application of Image Sensing to Motion Study of High-voltage Switchgear
Satoshi Marushima, Yoshiaki Ohda, Masaharu Shimizu, Hirokazu Takagi

8. CAE Based Approach to Understand a Behavior of Vibro-Acoustic System
Kohei Furuya, Takuya Yoshimura, Nobuyuki Okubo, Takeshi Toi

9. Verification of coverage of inverse-numerical acoustic analysis
Takayuki Koizumi, Nobutaka Tsujiuchi, Akihiro Kobayashi, Hiroshi Uehara

10. Prototype WSN Platform for Performing Dynamic Monitoring of Civil Engineering Structures
Rafael Aguilar, Luis F. Ramos, Paulo B. Lourenço, Ricardo Severino, Ricardo Gomes, Paulo Gandra, Mario Alves, Eduardo Tovar

11. Damage Identification in CRFP Laminates using a Statistical Method
M. T. H. Sultan, K. Worden, W. J. Staszewski

12. High Intensity Noise Generation for Extremely Large Reverberant Room Test Applications
Anant Grewal, Ramani Ramakrishnan, William O. Hughes, Bill Woyski, Gary Elfstrom, Chon Mech, Yong Chen

13. Human Induced Dynamic Loads Estimation Based on Body Motion
Paolo Mazzoleni, Emanuele Zappa

14. In the Field Validation of Human Induced Loads Measuring Technique
Paolo Mazzoleni, Emanuele Zappa

15. Optimal Selection of Artificial Boundary Conditions for Model Update and Damage Detection
Joshua H. Gordis

16. Use of Damping Solution for Acceleration Measurements in High Vibration Environments
Tom Connolly

17. Efficiency comparison of CMS vibroacoustic formulations for uncertain damped problems
Morvan Ouisse, Emeline Sadoulet-Reboul

18. Nonlinear Parameteric Health Monitoring for Vibrating Structures Under Non-Stationary Excitation
Timothy A. Doughty, Natalie S. Higgins

19. Displacement Based Approach for a Robust Operational Modal Analysis
Gerardo Canio, Palle Andersen, Ivan Roselli, Marialuisa Mongelli, Enrico Esposito

20. Effect of systematic FRF errors on matrix inversion based vibro-acoustic analysis methods
Peter Gajdatsy, Paul Sas, Wim Desmet, Karl Janssens, Herman Auweraer

21. Peri-Prosthetic Fracture Vibration Testing
Jesse Cruce, Jenny Erwin, Kevin Remick, Phillip Cornwell, R. Michael Meneghini, Joe Racanelli

22. Performance Comparison of Fiber Optic Tips in Interferometric Displacement Measurements
Rick Grahn, Hussain Karimi, Kyle Wilson, Erik Moro, Anthony Puckett

23. Development of Polymer ‘Chips’ used in Medical Diagnostics
Zachary G. Brush, Laura M. Schultz, Justin W. Vanness, Kevin M. Farinholt, Stephen A. Sarles, Donald J. Leo

24. Acoustic Fluid-Structure Interaction of Cars and Ships (Tutorial)
Lothar Gaul

25. The Testing Behind the Test Facility: The Acoustic Design of the Nasa Glenn Research Center’s World-Class Reverberant Acoustic Test Facility
William O. Hughes, Mark E. McNelis, Aron D. Hozman, Anne M. McNelis

26. Detection of Damage in Space Frame Structures with L-shaped Beams and Bolted Joints Using Changes in Natural Frequencies
K. He, W. D. Zhu

27. Steels for Caribbean Steel Drums
Soren E. Maloney

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Acoustics, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Aerospace Technology and Astronautics

Publication year
Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series
Page amount
9 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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