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Stakeholders and Scientists

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Stakeholders and Science
Joanna Burger

2. Minority Participation in Environmental and Energy Decision Making
James H. Johnson

3. Energy Diversity: Options and Stakeholders
Michael Gochfeld

4. How Clean Is Clean? Stakeholders and Consensus-Building at the Fernald Uranium Plant
Kenneth Morgan, Gary Stegner

5. Stakeholders, Risk from Mercury, and the Savannah River Site: Iterative and Inclusive Solutions to Deal with Risk from Fish Consumption
Joanna Burger

6. Helping Mother Earth Heal: Diné College and Enhanced Natural Attenuation Research at U. S. Department of Energy Uranium Processing Sites on Navajo Land
William J. Waugh, Edward P. Glenn, Perry H. Charley, Marnie K. Carroll, Beverly Maxwell, Michael K. O’Neill

7. Nez Perce Involvement with Solving Environmental Problems: History, Perspectives, Treaty Rights, and Obligations
Gabriel Bohnee, Jonathan Paul Matthews, Josiah Pinkham, Anthony Smith, John Stanfill

8. Amchitka Island: Melding Science and Stakeholders to Achieve Solutions for a Former Department of Energy Site
Joanna Burger, Michael Gochfeld, Charles W. Powers, David S. Kosson

9. Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities and Stakeholder Concerns
James H. Clarke, Joanna Burger, Charles W. Powers, David S. Kosson

10. PSEG’s Estuary Enhancement Program: An Innovative Solution to an Industry Problem
John H. Balletto, John M. Teal

11. Joint Fact Finding and Stakeholder Consensus Building at the Altamont Wind Resource Area in California
Gina Bartlett

12. Wind Energy in Vermont: The Benefits and Limitations of Stakeholder Involvement
Mary R. English

13. Hydropower, Salmon and the Penobscot River (Maine, USA): Pursuing Improved Environmental and Energy Outcomes Through Participatory Decision-Making and Basin-Scale Decision Context
Jeffrey J. Opperman, Colin Apse, Fred Ayer, John Banks, Laura Rose Day, Joshua Royte, John Seebach

14. Using Stakeholder Input to Develop a Comparative Risk Assessment for Wildlife from the Life Cycles of Six Electrical Generation Fuels
Edward J. Zillioux, James R. Newman, Gregory G. Lampman, Mark R. Watson, Christian M. Newman

15. Institutional Void and Stakeholder Leadership: Implementing Renewable Energy Standards in Minnesota
Adam R. Fremeth, Alfred A. Marcus

16. Communicating Between the Public and Experts: Predictable Differences and Opportunities to Narrow Them
Michael R. Greenberg, Lauren C. Babcock-Dunning

17. Media, Local Stakeholders, and Alternatives for Nuclear Waste and Energy Facilities
Karen W. Lowrie, Amanda Kennedy, Jonathan Hubert, Michael R. Greenberg

18. Science and Stakeholders: A Synthesis
Joanna Burger

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Management, Environmental Health, Renewable and Green Energy, Environmental Law/Policy/Ecojustice

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Natural Sciences

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