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Biennial Review of Infertility

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Table of contents

1. Autoimmunity and Female Infertility: Fact vs. Fiction
Lawrence N. Odom, Amy M. Cline, William H. Kutteh

2. Minimal Stimulation IVF
Ahmad O. Hammoud, Mark Gibson

3. Current Understanding of Anti-Müllerian Hormone
Dimitrios G. Goulis, Marina A. Dimitraki, Basil C. Tarlatzis

4. The Role of Obesity in Reproduction
Barbara Luke

5. Endometrial Receptivity in Natural and Controlled Ovarian-Stimulated Cycles
José A. Horcajadas, José A. Martínez-Conejero, Carlos Simón

6. Current Understanding of Mullerian-Inhibiting Substance
Antonio Marca, Giovanna Sighinolfi, Annibale Volpe

7. Evidence-Based Use of Progesterone During IVF
Elena H. Yanushpolsky

8. Monozygotic Twinning and Perinatal Outcomes
Kenneth J. Moise, Ramesh Papanna

9. Multiple Pregnancy Vanishing Twin Syndrome
Gabriel Fuente, Jose Manuel Puente, Juan A. García-Velasco, Antonio Pellicer

10. The Effect of Cancer Therapies on Sperm: Current Guidelines
Akanksha Mehta, Mark Sigman

11. Environmental Insults on Spermatogenesis
Stefan S. Plessis, Ashok Agarwal

12. Sperm DNA Damage: Causes and Guidelines for Current Clinical Practice
Aleksander Giwercman, Marcello Spanò, Mona Bungum

13. The Emerging Role of the Sperm Epigenome and its Potential Role in Development
Sue Hammoud, Douglas T. Carrell

14. ART and Epigenetic Disorders: Should We Be Concerned?
Christopher N. Herndon, Paolo F. Rinaudo

15. Novel Approaches of Sperm Selection for ART: The Role of Objective Biochemical Markers of Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Integrity and Sperm Function
Gabor Huszar, Denny Sakkas

16. The Role of the Oocyte in Remodeling of Male Chromatin and DNA Repair: Are Events During the Zygotic Cell Cycle of Relevance to ART?
Liliana Ramos, Peter Boer

17. Proteomic/Metabolomic Analysis of Embryos: Current Status for Use in ART
Mandy G. Katz-Jaffe, Susanna McReynolds

18. Ultrasound-Guided Embryo Transfer
Robert L. Gustofson, William B. Schoolcraft

19. IMSI as a Valuable Tool for Sperm Selection During ART
Monica Antinori, Pierre Vanderzwalmen, Yona Barak

20. Thoughts on IMSI
Gianpiero D. Palermo, Jennifer C. Y. Hu, Laura Rienzi, Roberta Maggiulli, Takumi Takeuchi, Atsumi Yoshida, Atsushi Tanaka, Hiroshi Kusunoki, Seiji Watanabe, Queenie V. Neri, Zev Rosenwaks

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Gynecology, Endocrinology, Reproductive Medicine, Urology/Andrology

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10 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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