Steinicke, Frank

Human Walking in Virtual Environments

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Table of contents

1. Sensory Contributions to Spatial Knowledge of Real and Virtual Environments
David Waller, Eric Hodgson

2. Perceptual and Cognitive Factors for Self-Motion Simulation in Virtual Environments: How Can Self-Motion Illusions (“Vection”) Be Utilized?
Bernhard E. Riecke, Jörg Schulte-Pelkum

3. Biomechanics of Walking in Real World: Naturalness we Wish to Reach in Virtual Reality

Franck Multon, Anne-Hélène Olivier

4. Affordance Perception and the Visual Control of Locomotion

Brett R. Fajen

5. The Effect of Translational and Rotational Body-Based Information on Navigation
Roy A. Ruddle

6. Enabling Unconstrained Omnidirectional Walking Through Virtual Environments: An Overview of the CyberWalk Project
Ilja Frissen, Jennifer L. Campos, Manish Sreenivasa, Marc O. Ernst

7. Displays and Interaction for Virtual Travel
Anthony Steed, Doug A. Bowman

8. Sensing Human Walking: Algorithms and Techniques for Extracting and Modeling Locomotion
Franck Multon

9. Locomotion Interfaces
Hiroo Iwata

10. Implementing Walking in Virtual Environments
Gerd Bruder, Frank Steinicke

11. Stepping-Driven Locomotion Interfaces
Mary C. Whitton, Tabitha C. Peck

12. Multimodal Rendering of Walking Over Virtual Grounds
Maud Marchal, Gabriel Cirio, Yon Visell, Federico Fontana, Stefania Serafin, Jeremy Cooperstock, Anatole Lécuyer

13. Displacements in Virtual Reality for Sports Performance Analysis
Richard Kulpa, Benoit Bideau, Sébastien Brault

14. Redirected Walking in Mixed Reality Training Applications
Evan A. Suma, David M. Krum, Mark Bolas

15. VR-Based Assessment and Rehabilitation of Functional Mobility
Adam W. Kiefer, Christopher K. Rhea, William H. Warren

16. Full Body Locomotion with Video Game Motion Controllers
Brian Williamson, Chadwick Wingrave, Joseph J. LaViola

17. Interacting with Augmented Floor Surfaces
Yon Visell, Severin Smith, Jeremy R. Cooperstock

Keywords: Engineering, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics, Computer Imaging, Vision, Pattern Recognition and Graphics, Biomedical Engineering

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10 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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