Böse, Jürgen W.

Handbook of Terminal Planning

Böse, Jürgen W. - Handbook of Terminal Planning, ebook


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Table of contents

1. General Considerations on Container Terminal Planning
Jürgen W. Böse

2. Operations Systems of Container Terminals: A Compendious Overview
Birgitt Brinkmann

3. Automated Shuttle Carrier® Concept
Jari Pirhonen

4. Sustainable Container Terminals: A Design Approach
Joan C. Rijsenbrij, Armin Wieschemann

5. Modeling Techniques in Planning of Terminals: The Quantitative Approach
Yvo A. Saanen

6. Simulation Technology in Planning, Implementation and Operation of Container Terminals
Holger Schütt

7. Step by Step Towards the Goal

8. Simulation of Container Ship Arrivals and Quay Occupation
Sönke Hartmann, Jennifer Pohlmann, Axel Schönknecht

9. A Technique to Determine the Right Crane Capacity for a Continuous Quay
Frank Meisel, Christian Bierwirth

10. Planning Approach for Dimensioning of Automated Traffic Areas at Seaport Container Terminals
Michael Ranau

11. Cost and Performance Evaluation Impacts of Container Vessels on Seaport Container Terminals
Günther Pawellek, Axel Schönknecht

12. Planning Container Terminal Layouts Considering Equipment Types and Storage Block Design
Jörg Wiese, Leena Suhl, Natalia Kliewer

13. Container Rehandling at Maritime Container Terminals
Marco Caserta, Silvia Schwarze, Stefan Voß

14. RMG Crane Scheduling and Stacking
Nils Kemme

15. Opportunities to Exploit Capacity Reserves of the Hinterland Connection to Road Transport
Stefan Geweke, Frank Busse

16. Improving Efficiency of Drayage Operations at Seaport Container Terminals Through the Use of an Appointment System
Nathan Huynh, C. Michael Walton

17. Data Flow Across the Maritime Value Chain
Sebastian Jürgens, Roman Grig, Ralf Elbert, Frank Straube

18. The Contribution of the Dry Port Concept to the Extension of Port Life Cycles
Kevin Cullinane, Gordon Wilmsmeier

19. Importance of Hinterland Transport Networks for Operational Efficiency in Seaport Container Terminals
Joachim R. Daduna

20. Specialized Planning Issues
Orestis Schinas, Christos Dionelis

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Operations Research/Decision Theory, Production/Logistics/Supply Chain Management, Regional/Spatial Science, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering

Publication year
Operations Research/Computer Science Interfaces Series
Page amount
19 pages

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