Kee, Stephen T.

Clinical Aspects of Electroporation

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to Electroporation
Edward W. Lee, Julie Gehl, Stephen T. Kee

2. Electroporation and Cellular Physiology
Hanne Gissel, Raphael C. Lee, Julie Gehl

3. The Cell in the Electric Field
Tadej Kotnik, Gorazd Pucihar, Damijan Miklavčič

4. Understanding Electric Fields for Clinical Use
Faisal Mahmood

5. Generators and Applicators: Equipment for Electroporation
Lasse G. Staal, Richard Gilbert

6. Cell Electropermeabilization and Cellular Uptake of Small Molecules: The Electrochemotherapy Concept
Aude Silve, Lluis M. Mir

7. Vascular-Disrupting Action of Electrochemotherapy: Mode of Action and Therapeutic Implications
Gregor Sersa, Maja Cemazar

8. Electrochemotherapy of Small Tumors; The Experience from the ESOPE (European Standard Operating Procedures for Electrochemotherapy) Group
Gregor Sersa, Julie Gehl, Jean-Remy Garbay, Declan M. Soden, Gerald C. O’Sullivan, Louise W. Matthiessen, Marko Snoj, Lluis M. Mir

9. Electrochemotherapy for Larger Malignant Tumors
Louise W. Matthiessen, Tobian Muir, Julie Gehl

10. Cell Electroporation in Bone Tissue
Milena Fini, Matilde Tschon, Marco Alberghini, Giuseppe Bianchi, Mario Mercuri, Laura Campanacci, Francesco Cavani, Mattia Ronchetti, Francesca Terlizzi, Ruggero Cadossi

11. Drug and Gene Electrotransfer to the Brain
Birgit Agerholm-Larsen, Mette Linnert, Helle K. Iversen, Julie Gehl

12. Minimally Invasive Intraluminal Tumor Ablation
Patrick F. Forde, Michael G. Bourke, Slawomir Salwa, Gerald C. O’Sullivan, Declan M. Soden

13. Electrotransfer of Plasmid DNA
Jean-Michel Escoffre, Marie-Pierre Rols, David A. Dean

14. Gene Electrotransfer to Tumor
Loree C. Heller, Richard Heller

15. Gene Electrotransfer to Lung
David A. Dean

16. Gene Electrotransfer to Muscle Tissue: Moving into Clinical Use
Pernille Hojman

17. Gene Electrotransfer to Skin
Anita Gothelf, Julie Gehl

18. Electroporation-Mediated DNA Vaccination
Paolo Fagone, Devon J. Shedlock, Stephen Kemmerer, Dietmar Rabussay, David B. Weiner

19. Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) on Liver Tumor Ablation: A Summary of Preclinical Translational Research
Edward W. Lee, Daphne Wong, Stephen T. Kee

20. Translational Research on Irreversible Electroporation: VX2 Rabbit Head and Neck
Daphne Wong, Edward W. Lee, Stephen T. Kee

21. Clinical Research on Irreversible Electroporation of the Liver
Ken Thomson, Stephen T. Kee

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Interventional Radiology, Imaging / Radiology, Medical Biochemistry, Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Biomedical Engineering

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