Backhaus, Jürgen Georg

Handbook of the History of Economic Thought

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Jürgen G. Backhaus

2. The Tradition of Economic Thought in the Mediterranean World from the Ancient Classical Times Through the Hellenistic Times Until the Byzantine Times and Arab-Islamic World
Christos P. Baloglou

3. Mercantilism
Helge Peukert

4. The Cameralists: Fertile Sources for a New Science of Public Finance
Richard E. Wagner

5. The Physiocrats
Lluis Argemí d’Abadal

6. Adam Smith: Theory and Policy
Andrew S. Skinner

7. Life and Work of David Ricardo (1772–1823)
Arnold Heertje

8. John Stuart Mill’s Road to Leviathan: Early Life and Influences
Michael R. Montgomery

9. John Stuart Mill’s Road to Leviathan II: The Principles of Political Economy
Michael R. Montgomery

10. Jeremy Bentham (1748–1832)
Christos P. Baloglou

11. Johann Heinrich von Thünen: A Founder of Modern Economics
Hans Frambach

12. The Legacy of Karl Marx
Helge Peukert

13. Friedrich List’s Striving for Economic Integration and Development
Karl-Heinz Schmidt

14. The Entwickelung According to Gossen
Jan Daal

15. Gustav Schmoller as a Scientist of Political Economy
Reginald Hansen

16. The Empirical and Inductivist Economics of Professor Menger
Karl Milford

17. Antoine Augustin Cournot
Christos P. Baloglou

18. Léon Walras: What Cutes Know and What They Should Know
J. A. Hans Maks, Jan Daal

19. Alfred Marshall
Earl Beach

20. Knut Wicksell and Contemporary Political Economy
Richard E. Wagner

21. Werner Sombart
Helge Peukert

22. The Scientific Contributions of Heinrich von Stackelberg
Peter R. Senn

23. Joseph Alois Schumpeter: The Economist of Rhetoric
Yuichi Shionoya

24. Against Rigid Rules – Keynes’s View on Monetary Policy and Economic Theory
Elke Muchlinski

25. Keynes’s “Long Struggle of Escape”
Royall Brandis

26. John Maynard Keynes and the Theory of the Monetary Economy
Hans-Joachim Stadermann, Otto Steiger

27. James Steuart and the Theory of the Monetary Economy
Hans-Joachim Stadermann, Otto Steiger

28. Friedrich August Hayek (1899–1992)
Gerrit Meijer

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Methodology and the History of Economic Thought, Economic Theory, Political Science, general

Publication year
The European Heritage in Economics and the Social Sciences
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12 pages

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