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Trekking the Shore

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Table of contents

1. The North American Paleocoastal Concept Reconsidered
Loren G. Davis

2. Prehistoric Archaeology Underwater: A Nascent Subdiscipline Critical to Understanding Early Coastal Occupations and Migration Routes
Amy E. Gusick, Michael K. Faught

3. Early Environments and Archaeology of Coastal British Columbia
Quentin Mackie, Daryl Fedje, Duncan McLaren, Nicole Smith, Iain McKechnie

4. Blessing the Salmon: Archaeological Evidences of the Transition to Intensive Fishing in the Final Paleolithic, Maritime Region, Russian Far East
Andrei V. Tabarev

5. Early Technological Organization Along the Eastern Pacific Rim of the New World: A Co-Continental View
Samuel C. Willis, Matthew R. Des Lauriers

6. Technology, Mobility, and Adaptation Among Early Foragers of the Southern Northwest Coast: The View from Indian Sands, Southern Oregon Coast, USA
Loren G. Davis, Samuel C. Willis

7. Of Clams and Clovis: Isla Cedros, Baja California, Mexico
Matthew R. Des Lauriers

8. Changes in Molluscan Exploitation Patterns During the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene in Eastern Cantabria (Northern Spain)
F. Igor Gutiérrez-Zugasti

9. Paleolithic Landscapes and Seascapes of the West Coast of Portugal
Jonathan A. Haws, Caroline L. Funk, Michael M. Benedetti, Nuno F. Bicho, J. Michael Daniels, Thomas A. Minckley, Rhawn F. Denniston, Marjeta Jeraj, Juan F. Gibaja, Bryan S. Hockett, Steven L. Forman

10. Small Game and Marine Resource Exploitation by Neanderthals: The Evidence from Gibraltar
Kimberly Brown, Darren A. Fa, Geraldine Finlayson, Clive Finlayson

11. Prying New Meaning from Limpet Harvesting at Vale Boi During the Upper Paleolithic
Tiina Manne, Nuno F. Bicho

12. Surf and Turf: The Use of Marine and Terrestrial Resources in the Early Neolithic of Coastal Southern Portugal
Rebecca M. Dean, António Faustino Carvalho

13. Pinniped Zooarchaeological Studies in Southern Patagonia: Current Issues and Future Research Agenda
A. Sebastián Muñoz

14. The Use of the Space in the Pampean Atlantic Coast and the Adjacent Plains (Argentina, South America): A Comparative View
Mariano Bonomo

15. Coastal Resources and the Early Holocene Las Vegas Adaptation of Ecuador
Karen E. Stothert

16. Initial Investigations into the Exploitation of Coastal Resources in North Africa During the Late Pleistocene at Grotte Des Contrebandiers, Morocco
Teresa E. Steele, Esteban Álvarez-Fernández

17. Shellfishing and the Interpretation of Shellfish Sizes in the Middle and Later Stone Ages of South Africa
Judith Sealy, Mariagrazia Galimberti

18. Coastal South Africa and the Coevolution of the Modern Human Lineage and the Coastal Adaptation
Curtis W. Marean

19. Coastal Foragers on Southern Shores: Marine Resource Use in Northeast Australia since the Late Pleistocene
Sean Ulm

20. The Role of Marine Resources in the Diet of Pre-Colonial Aboriginal People and Land Use Patterns Around Port Jackson, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Val Attenbrow

Keywords: Social Sciences, Archaeology, Anthropology

Publication year
Interdisciplinary Contributions to Archaeology
Page amount
30 pages

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