Kempf, Karl G

Planning Production and Inventories in the Extended Enterprise

Kempf, Karl G - Planning Production and Inventories in the Extended Enterprise, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Production Planning Under Uncertainty with Workload-Dependent Lead Times: Lagrangean Bounds and Heuristics
Gregory Dobson, Uday S. Karmarkar

2. Production Planning and Scheduling: Interaction and Coordination
Yiwei Cai, Erhan Kutanoglu, John Hasenbein

3. The Effects of Production Planning on the Dynamic Behavior of a Simple Supply Chain: An Experimental Study
Seza Orcun, Reha Uzsoy

4. Supply and Demand Synchronization in Assemble-to-Order Supply Chains
Markus Ettl, Karthik Sourirajan, Pu Huang, Thomas R. Ervolina, Grace Y. Lin

5. Quantitative Risk Assessment in Supply Chains: A Case Study Based on Engineering Risk Analysis Concepts
Léa A. Deleris, Feryal Erhun

6. A Practical Multi-Echelon Inventory Model with Semiconductor Manufacturing Application
Kaan Katircioglu, Guillermo Gallego

7. A Mechanism Design Approach for Decentralized Supply Chain Formation
Dinesh Garg, Y. Narahari, Earnest Foster, Devadatta Kulkarni, Jeffrey D. Tew

8. Procurement Network Formation: A Cooperative Game Approach
T. S. Chandrashekar, Y. Narahari

9. Designing Flexible Supply Chain Contracts with Options
Feng Cheng, Markus Ettl, Grace Y. Lin, Maike Tonner, David D. Yao

10. Build-to-Order Meets Global Sourcing: Planning Challenge for the Auto Industry
Melda Ormeci Matoglu, John Vande Vate

11. Practical Modeling in Automotive Production
Jonathan H. Owen, Robert R. Inman, Dennis E. Blumenfeld

12. Why Is It So Hard to Build and Validate Discrete Event Simulation Models of Manufacturing Facilities?
Seth A. Fischbein, Edward Yellig

13. A Practical Approach to Diagnosing and Tuning a Statistical Forecasting System
Ying Tat Leung, Kumar Bhaskaran

14. The Ongoing Challenge: Creating an Enterprise-Wide Detailed Supply Chain Plan for Semiconductor and Package Operations
Kenneth Fordyce, Chi-Tai Wang, Chih-Hui Chang, Alfred Degbotse, Brian Denton, Peter Lyon, R. John Milne, Robert Orzell, Robert Rice, Jim Waite

15. Production Planning in the Plastics Industry
Rajesh Tyagi, Srinivas Bollapragada

16. Model Predictive Control in Semiconductor Supply Chain Operations
Karl Kempf, Kirk Smith, Jay Schwartz, Martin Braun

17. Models and Methods for Production Scheduling in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Dario Pacciarelli, Carlo Meloni, Marco Pranzo

18. Developing a Computerized Scheduling System for the Steelmaking–Continuous Casting Process
Hubert Missbauer, Wolfgang Hauber, Werner Stadler

19. A Multi-Model Approach for Production Planning and Scheduling in an Industrial Environment
Abdelhakim Artiba, Valerie Dhaevers, David Duvivier, Salah E. Elmaghraby

20. Fuzzy Logic-Based Production Scheduling and Rescheduling in the Presence of Uncertainty
Sanja Petrovic, Dobrila Petrovic, Edmund Burke

21. The Summing-Up
Karl Kempf, Pınar Keskinocak, Reha Uzsoy

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Production/Logistics, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Operations Research/Decision Theory, Industrial and Production Engineering, Operations Research, Mathematical Programming, Economics/Management Science, general

Publication year
International Series in Operations Research & Management Science
Page amount
15 pages

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