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Data Driven e-Science

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Table of contents

1. Asia Federation Report on International Symposium on Grid Computing (ISGC) 2010
Francois Grey, Simon C. Lin

2. Roadmap for the Uptake of the e-Infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific Region
M. Paganoni

3. Uptakes of e-Science in Asia
Eric Yen, Simon C. Lin

4. EU-IndiaGrid2 Sustainable e-Infrastructures across Europe and India
Alberto Masoni

5. Pathway to Support the Sustainable National Health Information System
Naiyana Sahavechaphan, Jedsada Phengsuwan, Suriya U-ruekolan, Kamron Aroonrua, Jukrapong Ponhan, Nattapon Harnsamut, Sornthep Vannarat

6. TERENA eScience PKI
Milan Sova

7. SEE-GRID eInfrastructure for Regional eScience
Ognjen Prnjat, Antun Balaz, Dusan Vudragovic, Ioannis Liabotis, Cevat Sener, Branko Marovic, Miklos Kozlovszky, Gabriel Neagu

8. Peer-to-peer Cooperative Scheduling Architecture for National Grid Infrastructure
Ludek Matyska, Miroslav Ruda, Simon Toth

9. The EUAsiaGrid Roadmap Paths to a Sustainable, Persistent e-Infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific Region
Alex Voss, Jan Kmunicek, Ludek Matyska, Marco Paganoni, Simon C. Lin

10. From EGEE Operations Portal towards EGI Operations Portal
Hélène Cordier, Cyril L’Orphelin, Sylvain Reynaud, Olivier Lequeux, Sinikka Loikkanen, Pierre Veyre

11. Kolkata Tier-2 Centre: Administration and Installation
Vikas Singhal, Subhasis Chattopadhyay

12. Performance Analysis of EGEE-like Grids in Asia and Latin America
Marco Fargetta, Leandro N. Ciuffo, Diego Scardaci, Roberto Barbera

13. GOCDB4, a New Architecture for the European Grid Infrastructure
Gilles Mathieu, John Casson

14. An APEL Tool Based CPU Usage Accounting Infrastructure for Large Scale Computing Grids
Ming Jiang, Cristina Del Cano Novales, Gilles Mathieu, John Casson, William Rogers, John Gordon

15. HLRmon, a Tool for Advanced Visualization of Resource Utilization
Enrico Fattibene, Tiziana Ferrari, Luciano Gaido, Giuseppe Misurelli, Peter Solagna

16. Interoperating AliEn and ARC for a Distributed Tier1 in the Nordic Countries
Philippe Gros, Anders Rhod Gregersen, Jonas Lindemann, Pablo Saiz, Andrey Zarochentsev

17. Toward SVOPME, a Scalable Virtual Organization Privileges Management Environment
Nanbor Wang, Gabriele Garzoglio, Balamurali Ananthan, Steven Timm, Tanya Levshina

18. The D4Science Approach toward Grid Resource Sharing: The Species Occurrence Maps Generation Case
Leonardo Candela, Pasquale Pagano

19. An Efficient Grid Data Access with StoRM
Riccardo Zappi, Elisabetta Ronchieri, Alberto Forti, Antonia Ghiselli

20. Design and Implementation of a Multi-Grid Resource Broker for Grid Computing
Chao-Tung Yang, Wen-Jen Hu

21. The Quality in Quantity - Enhancing Text-based Research -
Patrick Harms, Kathleen Smith, Andreas Aschenbrenner, Wolfgang Pempe, Mark Hedges, Angus Roberts, Bernie Ács, Tobias Blanke

22. Grid Application Meta-Repository System: Repository Interconnectivity and Cross-domain Application Usage in Distributed Computing Environments
Alexandru Tudose, Gabor Terstyansky, Peter Kacsuk, Stephen Winter

23. Integration of Cloud and Grid Middleware at D-Grid Resource Center Ruhr
Stefan Freitag

24. Distributed Parametric Optimization with the Geneva Library
Rudiger Berlich, Sven Gabriel, Ariel Garcia, Marcel Kunze

25. Determining Overhead, Variance & Isolation Metrics in Virtualization for IaaS Cloud
Bukhary Ikhwan Ismail, Devendran Jagadisan, Mohammad Fairus Khalid

26. Analyzing the Applicability of Airline Booking Systems for Cloud Computing Offerings
Johannes Watzl, Nils gentschen Felde, Dieter Kranzlmuller

27. Grid Computing Operations for the CMS Experiment at the GRIF Tier-2
A. Sartirana, P. Hennion, P. Mora Freitas, I. Semenjuk, P. Busson, M. Jouvin, G. Philippon, C. Leroy, F. Schaer, P. Micout, V. Mendoza

28. From the CMS Computing Experience in the WLCG STEP’09 Challenge to the First Data Taking of the LHC Era
D. Bonacorsi, O. Gutsche

29. First Experiences with CMS Data Storage on the GEMSS System at the INFN-CNAF Tier-1
D. Andreotti, D. Bonacorsi, A. Cavalli, S. Dal Pra, L. dell’Agnello, Alberto Forti, C. Grandi, D. Gregori, L. Li Gioi, B. Martelli, A. Prosperini, P. P. Ricci, Elisabetta Ronchieri, V. Sapunenko, A. Sartirana, V. Vagnoni, Riccardo Zappi

30. GENESIS Social Simulation
Andy Turner

31. A Grid Application on Climate Change in EUAsiaGrid
A. S. Cofiño, S. Boonya-aroonnet, Royol Chitradon, Simon C. Lin, Marco Paganoni, M. Petitdidier, Eric Yen

32. Lessons Learned in Thailand from 2004 Tsunami
Vorawit Meesuk, Royol Chitradon, Amnart Bali, Wong K. Snidvongs

33. Efficient Bulk Data Replication for the EarthSystem Grid
Alex Sim, Dan Gunter, Vijaya Natarajan, Arie Shoshani, Dean Williams, Jeff Long, Jason Hick, Jason Lee, Eli Dart

34. Grid Computing for Disaster Mitigation
Hock Lye Koh, Su Yean Teh, Taksiah A. Majid, Hamidi Abdul Aziz

35. Applicability of Free Energy Calculations Using High–Throughput Grid Approach
Jan Kmunicek, Petr Kulhanek, Zora Strelcova

36. Grid Computing for Bioinformatics: An Implementation of a User-Friendly Web Portal for ASTI’s In Silico Laboratory
Rey Vincent P. Babilonia, Marilyn V. Rey, Emmanuel D. Aldea, Urizza Marie L. Sarte

37. Grid Computing Technology and the Recurrence Quantification Analysis to Predict Seizure Occurrence in Patients Affected by Drug-Resistant Epilepsy
Roberto Barbera, Giuseppe La Rocca, Massimo Rizzi

38. Construction of the Platform for Phylogenetic Analysis
Zhen Meng, Xiaoguang Lin, Xing He, Yanping Gao, Hongmei Liu, Yong Liu, Yuanchun Zhou, Jianhui Li, Zhiduan Chen, Shouzhou Zhang, Yong Li

Keywords: Computer Science, Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet), Computer Communication Networks, Computer Applications, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks

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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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