Byrd, J.W. Thomas

Operative Hip Arthroscopy

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Table of contents

1. Overview and History of Hip Arthroscopy
J. W. Thomas Byrd

2. Patient Selection and Physical Examination
J. W. Thomas Byrd

3. Adult Hip Imaging for the Arthroscopist
Roy E. Erb

4. My Approach to Athletic Pubalgia
Michael Brunt, Raymond Barile

5. Current Understanding of Core Muscle Injuries (Athletic Pubalgia, “Sports Hernia”)
William C. Meyers, Adam Zoga, Tina Joseph, Marcia Horner

6. Sportsmen’s Groin: Groin Pain: Always a Case for the Orthopedic Surgeon?
Ulrike Muschaweck, Luise Berger

7. Gross Anatomy
Oscar Fariñas Barberá, Ivan Sáenz Navarro

8. Portal Anatomy
Oscar Fariñas Barberá, Ivan Sáenz Navarro

9. Arthroscopic Anatomy of the Hip
Carlos A. Guanche

10. Position and Distraction Options
Allston J. Stubbs, Austin V. Stone

11. Routine Arthroscopy and Access: Central and Peripheral Compartments, Iliopsoas Bursa, Peritrochanteric, and Subgluteal Spaces
J. W. Thomas Byrd

12. Loose Bodies: Tips and Pearls
Benjamin Domb, Itamar Botser

13. Labral Management: An Overview
J. W. Thomas Byrd

14. Hip Arthroscopy: Management of Chondral Injuries
Christopher M. Larson, Rebecca M. Stone, Corey A. Wulf

15. Lesions of the Acetabular Fossa (Ligamentum Teres and Pulvinar)
G. Peter Maiers

16. Synovial Disease and Sepsis
J. W. Thomas Byrd

17. My Approach to Femoroacetabular Impingement
J. W. Thomas Byrd

18. My Approach to Femoroacetabular Impingement
Trevor R. Gaskill, Marc J. Philippon

19. Computer Navigation in Hip Arthroscopy
Michael Knesek, Jack G. Skendzel, Asheesh Bedi

20. Decision Making with Osteoarthritis
Thomas G. Sampson

21. Iliopsoas Tendon Release
Victor M. Ilizaliturri, Humberto Gonzalez Ugalde, Javier Camacho-Galindo

22. Iliotibial Band Release
Allston J. Stubbs, Phillip Mason

23. Abductor Tendinopathies and Repair
Patrick Jost, Christopher Walsh, Asheesh Bedi, Bryan T. Kelly

24. Subgluteal Space and Associated Disorders
Hal David Martin

25. Endoscopic Hamstring Repair and Ischial Bursectomy
Carlos A. Guanche

26. Hip Instability
Carlos A. Guanche

27. Adhesive Capsulitis and Arthrofibrosis
J. W. Thomas Byrd

28. Total Hip Arthroplasty
J. W. Thomas Byrd

29. Hip Arthroscopy in Adolescence and Childhood
Yi-Meng Yen, Mininder S. Kocher

30. Complex Hip Reconstruction
Trevor R. Gaskill, Marc J. Philippon

31. Compensatory Disorders Around the Hip
Sommer Hammoud, Erin Magennis, Bryan T. Kelly, James E. Voos, Asheesh Bedi

32. Complications of Hip Arthroscopy
Richard C. Mather, Avinish Reddy, Shane J. Nho

33. Rehabilitation of the Hip
Erica M. Coplen, Michael L. Voight

34. Perioperative Care
Kay S. Jones, Elizabeth A. Potts, J. W. Thomas Byrd

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Surgical Orthopedics

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