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Novel Technologies in Food Science

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Table of contents

1. Waste and Its Rational Management
Anna McElhatton, Anton Pizzuto

2. Implementation of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points System in the Food Industry: Impact on Safety and the Environment
Sueli Cusato, Paula Tavolaro, Carlos Augusto Fernandes Oliveira

3. Food By-products for Biofuels
Cecilia Hodúr, Zsuzsanna László, Giovana Tommaso

4. Integrated Management Methods for the Treatment and/or Valorization of Olive Mill Wastes
Katerina Stamatelatou, Paraskevi S. Blika, Ioanna Ntaikou, Gerasimos Lyberatos

5. Safety Considerations of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods
Semih Otles, Ozlem Cagindi

6. Consumer Behavior: Determinants and Trends in Novel Food Choice
Mona Elena Popa, Alexandra Popa

7. Recent Advances in the Microencapsulation of Oils High in Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids
S. Drusch, M. Regier, M. Bruhn

8. Biocontrol of Foodborne Bacteria
Lynn McIntyre, J. Andrew Hudson, Craig Billington, Helen Withers

9. Plant Extracts as Natural Antifungals: Alternative Strategies for Mold Control in Foods
Virginia Fernández Pinto, Andrea Patriarca, Graciela Pose

10. Reduction of Mycotoxin Contamination by Segregation with Sieves Prior to Maize Milling
Ana M. Pacin, Silvia L. Resnik

11. Rational Use of Novel Technologies: A Comparative Analysis of the Performance of Several New Food Preservation Technologies for Microbial Inactivation
Stella M. Alzamora, Jorge Welti-Chanes, Sandra N. Guerrero, Paula L. Gómez

12. Emerging Technologies to Improve the Safety and Quality of Fruits and Vegetables
Elisabete M. C. Alexandre, Teresa R. S. Brandão, Cristina L. M. Silva

13. Novel Technologies for the Preservation of Chilled Aquatic Food Products
Carmen A. Campos, María F. Gliemmo, Santiago P. Aubourg, Jorge Barros Velázquez

14. Use of Natural Preservatives in Seafood
Carmen A. Campos, Marcela P. Castro, Santiago P. Aubourg, Jorge Barros Velázquez

15. Edible Films: Use of Lycopene as Optical Properties Enhancer
Rosemary A. Carvalho, Carmen Silvia Fávaro-Trindade, Paulo J. A. Sobral

16. Clean Strategies for the Management of Residues in Dairy Industries
Giovana Tommaso, Rogers Ribeiro, Carlos Augusto Fernandes Oliveira, Katerina Stamatelatou, Georgia Antonopoulou, Gerasimos Lyberatos, Cecilia Hodúr, József Csanádi

Keywords: Chemistry, Food Science, Chemistry/Food Science, general

Publication year
Integrating Food Science and Engineering Knowledge into the Food Chain
Page amount
20 pages
Natural Sciences

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