Zand, Debra H.

Resilience in Deaf Children

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Table of contents

1. Critical Issues in the Application of Resilience Frameworks to the Experiences of Deaf Children and Young People
Alys Young, Katherine D. Rogers, Lorraine Green, Susan Daniels

2. Attachment Formation Between Deaf Infants and Their Primary Caregivers: Is Being Deaf a Risk Factor for Insecure Attachment?
Nicole Renick Thomson, Erin A. Kennedy, Janet E. Kuebli

3. Deaf Parents as Sources of Positive Development and Resilience for Deaf Infants
Lynne Sanford Koester, Nicole McCray

4. Risk and Resiliency of Infants/Toddlers Who Are Deaf: Assessment and Intervention Issues
Christine Yoshinaga-Itano

5. Developing a Concept of Self and Other: Risk and Protective Factors
Patrick J. Brice, Elizabeth B. Adams

6. Risk and Resilience for Social Competence: Deaf Students in General Education Classrooms
Shirin D. Antia, Susanne Reed, Linda Shaw

7. Enhancing Resilience to Mental Health Disorders in Deaf School Children
Johannes Fellinger, Daniel Holzinger

8. Promoting Resilience: Suggestions for Families, Professionals, and Students
John Luckner

9. Whose Literacy Is It, Anyway? Strengths-Based Guidelines for Transforming the Developmental Environments of Deaf Children and Adolescents
Martha A. Sheridan

10. Building Resilience in Adolescence: The Influences of Individual, Family, School, and Community Perspectives and Practices
Linda Risser Lytle, Gina A. Oliva, Joan M. Ostrove, Cindi Cassady

11. Community Cultural Wealth and Deaf Adolescents’ Resilience
Jason Listman, Katherine D. Rogers, Peter C. Hauser

12. Promoting Resilience in Deaf Adolescents
Pamela Luft

13. Self-Efficacy in the Management of Anticipated Work–Family Conflict as a Resilience Factor Among Young Deaf Adults
Rinat Michael, Tova Most, Rachel Gali Cinamon

14. Psychological Well-Being in Emerging Adults Who Are Deaf
Jill Meyer, Susan Kashubeck-West

15. Resiliency and the Emerging Deaf Adult
Jennifer Lukomski

Keywords: Psychology, Child and School Psychology, Education (general), Social Work, Psychotherapy and Counseling

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