Molina-París, Carmen

Mathematical Models and Immune Cell Biology

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Table of contents

1. Thymocyte Development
William Jenkinson, Eric Jenkinson, Graham Anderson

2. A Review of Mathematical Models for T Cell Receptor Triggering and Antigen Discrimination
Daniel Coombs, Omer Dushek, P. Anton Merwe

3. Dynamic Tuning of T Cell Receptor Specificity by Co-Receptors and Costimulation
Hugo A. Berg, Andrew K. Sewell

4. T Cell Activation and Function: Role of Signal Strength
Asma Ahmed, Dipankar Nandi

5. The Cyton Model for Lymphocyte Proliferation and Differentiation
Cameron Wellard, John F. Markham, Edwin D. Hawkins, Phillip D. Hodgkin

6. Modelling Intravital Two-Photon Data of Lymphocyte Migration and Interaction
Marc Thilo Figge, Michael Meyer-Hermann

7. Modelling Lymphocyte Dynamics In Vivo
Becca Asquith, José A. M. Borghans

8. Continuous-Time Birth and Death Processes: Diversity Maintenance of Naïve T Cells in the Periphery
Carmen Molina-París, Emily Stirk, Katie Quinn, Grant Lythe

9. Multivariate Competition Processes: A Model for Two Competing T Cell Clonotypes
Carmen Molina-París, Grant Lythe, Emily Stirk

10. Stochastic Modelling of T Cell Homeostasis for Two Competing Clonotypes Via the Master Equation
Shev MacNamara, Kevin Burrage

11. Dendritic Cell Migration in the Intestinal Tract
Rowann Bowcutt, Sheena Cruickshank

12. Reassessing Germinal Centre Reaction Concepts
Jose Faro, Michal Or-Guil

13. B Cell Strategies of Ag Recognition in a Stratified Immune System
Belen Andrés, Ana R. Sánchez-Archidona, Isabel Cortegano, Natalia Serrano, Sharmili Jagtap, María-Luisa Gaspar, Miguel-Angel Rodríguez Marcos

14. Dynamics of Peripheral Regulatory and Effector T Cells Competing for Antigen Presenting Cells
Nuno Sepúlveda, Jorge Carneiro

15. Mathematical Models of the Role of IL-2 in the Interactions Between Helper and Regulatory CD4+ T Cells
Kalet León, Karina García-Martínez

16. A Physicist’s Approach to Immunology
Mario Castro

17. Timescales of the Adaptive Immune Response
Mark Day, Grant Lythe

18. Using Mathematical Models to Explore the Role of Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes in HIV Infection
Helen Fryer, Angela McLean

19. Viral Immunity and Persistence
Stephen Hickling, Rodney Phillips

Keywords: Biomedicine, Immunology, Systems Biology, Computational Biology/Bioinformatics, Receptors

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