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Analyzing Interactions in CSCL

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Table of contents

1. A Complexity-Grounded Model for the Emergence of Convergence in CSCL Groups
Manu Kapur, John Voiklis, Charles K. Kinzer

2. Analyzing the Contextual Nature of Collaborative Activity
Maarit Arvaja

3. Understanding Learners’ Knowledge Building Trajectory Through Visualizations of Multiple Automated Analyses
Nancy Law, Johnny Yuen, Wing O. W. Wong, Jing Leng

4. Representational Tools for Understanding Complex Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Environments
Cindy E. Hmelo-Silver, Rebecca Jordan, Lei Liu, Ellina Chernobilsky

5. How to Study Group Cognition
Gerry Stahl

6. Thinking about Methods to Capture Effective Collaborations
Stephanie D. Teasley

7. Analyzing Collaborative Processes and Learning from Hypertext Through Hierarchical Linear Modelling
Agni Stylianou-Georgiou, Elena Papanastasiou, Sadhana Puntambekar

8. Analyzing Collaborative Interactions with Data Mining Methods for the Benefit of Learning
Peter Reimann, Kalina Yacef, Judy Kay

9. Multilevel Analysis in CSCL Research
Jeroen Janssen, Gijsbert Erkens, Paul A. Kirschner, Gellof Kanselaar

10. Sequential Analysis of Scientific Argumentation in Asynchronous Online Discussion Environments
Allan Jeong, Douglas B. Clark, Victor D. Sampson, Muhsin Menekse

11. Is the Whole Greater than the Sum of Its Parts? Explaining the Role of Individual Learning and Group Processes in CSCL
Susanne P. Lajoie

12. Quantifying Qualities in Collaborative Knowledge Construction: The Analysis of Online Discussions
Karsten Stegmann, Frank Fischer

13. An Interaction-Aware Design Process for the Integration of Interaction Analysis into Mainstream CSCL Practices
Alejandra Martínez-Monés, Andreas Harrer, Yannis Dimitriadis

14. A Framework for Assessment of Student Project Groups On-Line and Off-Line
Gahgene Gweon, Soojin Jun, Joonhwan Lee, Susan Finger, Carolyn Penstein Rosé

15. Analyzing Productive Interactions in CSCL: Collaborations, Computers and Contradictions
Eileen Scanlon

16. Tracing Interaction in Distributed Collaborative Learning
Daniel Suthers, Richard Medina

17. Analyzing Collaborative Interactions Across Domains and Settings: An Adaptable Rating Scheme
Nikol Rummel, Anne Deiglmayr, Hans Spada, George Kahrimanis, Nikolaos Avouris

18. Analytical Frameworks for Group Interactions in CSCL Systems
Kristine Lund

Keywords: Education, Educational Technology, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Series
Page amount
22 pages
Upbringing, Education

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