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Prokaryotic Antimicrobial Peptides

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Table of contents

1. History, Current Knowledge, and Future Directions on Bacteriocin Research in Lactic Acid Bacteria
Ingolf F. Nes

2. Bacteriocin-Mediated Competitive Interactions of Bacterial Populations and Communities
Margaret A. Riley

3. Classification of Bacteriocins from Gram-Positive Bacteria
Mary C. Rea, R. Paul Ross, Paul D. Cotter, Colin Hill

4. Bacteriocins from Gram-Negative Bacteria: A Classification?
Sylvie Rebuffat

5. Genome Exploitation and Bioinformatics Tools
Anne Jong, Auke J. Heel, Oscar P. Kuipers

6. Design and Engineering Strategies for Synthetic Antimicrobial Peptides
Alessandro Tossi

7. Purification Techniques of Bacteriocins from Lactic Acid Bacteria and Other Gram-Positive Bacteria
Lucila Saavedra, Fernando Sesma

8. Natural and Heterologous Production of Bacteriocins
Luis M. Cintas, Carmen Herranz, Pablo E. Hernández

9. Genetics, Biosynthesis, Structure, and Mode of Action of Lantibiotics
Anneke Kuipers, Rick Rink, Gert N. Moll

10. Class IIa Bacteriocins: Current Knowledge and Perspectives
Yanath Belguesmia, Karim Naghmouchi, Nour-Eddine Chihib, Djamel Drider

11. The Two-Peptide (Class-IIb) Bacteriocins: Genetics, Biosynthesis, Structure, and Mode of Action
Jon Nissen-Meyer, Camilla Oppegård, Per Rogne, Helen Sophie Haugen, Per Eugen Kristiansen

12. Class IIc or Circular Bacteriocins
Leah A. Martin-Visscher, Marco J. Belkum, John C. Vederas

13. Class IId or Linear and Non-Pediocin-Like Bacteriocins
Shun Iwatani, Takeshi Zendo, Kenji Sonomoto

14. Colicin Killing: Foiled Cell Defense and Hijacked Cell Functions
Miklos Zamaroczy, Mathieu Chauleau

15. Class I Microcins: Their Structures, Activities, and Mechanisms of Resistance
Konstantin Severinov, Ekaterina Semenova, Teymur Kazakov

16. Class II Microcins
Gaëlle Vassiliadis, Delphine Destoumieux-Garzón, Jean Peduzzi

17. Microcins from Enterobacteria: On the Edge Between Gram-Positive Bacteriocins and Colicins
Sylvie Rebuffat

18. Food Applications and Regulation
Antonio Gálvez, Hikmate Abriouel, Nabil Ben Omar, Rosario Lucas

19. Medical and Personal Care Applications of Bacteriocins Produced by Lactic Acid Bacteria
L. M. T. Dicks, T. D. J. Heunis, D. A. Staden, A. Brand, K. Sutyak Noll, M. L. Chikindas

20. Perspectives and Peptides of the Next Generation
Kim A. Brogden

Keywords: Chemistry, Chemistry/Food Science, general, Protein Science, Food Science

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Natural Sciences

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