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Total Diet Studies

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Table of contents

Part I. Total Diet Study Methodology

1. Total Diet Studies—What They Are and Why They Are Important
Gerald G. Moy

2. The Origin of Total Diet Studies
Katie Egan

3. Risk Analysis Paradigm and Total Diet Studies
Philippe J.-P. Verger

4. Overview of Dietary Exposure
Barbara J. Petersen

5. Scope, Planning and Practicalities of a Total Diet Study
Richard W. Vannoort

6. Preparing a Food List for a Total Diet Study
U. Ruth Charrondiere

7. Selecting Chemicals for a Total Diet Study
Jiri Ruprich

8. Preparing a Procedures Manual for a Total Diet Study
Janice L. Abbey, Christel Leemhuis, Carolyn Mooney

9. Food Sampling and Preparation in a Total Diet Study
Richard W. Vannoort, Janice L. Abbey, Christel Leemhuis, Carolyn Mooney

10. Analyzing Food Samples—Organic Chemicals
Chris A. Sack

11. Analyzing Food Samples—Inorganic Chemicals
Sean M. Ryan

12. Analyzing Food Samples—Radionuclides
Pamela Mackill, Cong Wei

13. Quality Control and Assurance Issues Relating to Sampling and Analysis in a Total Diet Study
Pieter Scheelings

14. Commercial Analytical Laboratories—Tendering, Selecting, Contracting and Managing Performance
Janice L. Abbey, Carolyn Mooney

15. Managing Concentration Data—Validation, Security, and Interpretation
Carolyn Mooney, Janice L. Abbey, Leanne Laajoki

16. Reporting and Modeling of Results Below the Limit of Detection
Marc Aerts, Martine I. Bakker, Pietro Ferrari, Peter Fuerst, Jessica Tressou, Philippe J.-P. Verger

17. Dietary Exposure Assessment in a Total Diet Study
Julie L. Boorman, Janis Baines, Tracy L. Hambridge, Janice L. Abbey

18. Addressing Uncertainty and Variability in Total Diet Studies
Christel Leemhuis, Judy Cunningham, Amélie Crépet

19. Communicating Results in a Total Diet Study
Cherie A. Flynn

Part II. Total Diet Studies in Countries

20. The Australian Experience in Total Diet Studies
Janice L. Abbey, Janis Baines, Leanne Laajoki, Tracy L. Hambridge

21. Total Diet Study in Cameroon—A Sub-Saharan African Perspective
M. Madeleine Gimou, Regis Pouillot, Claudy Roy, U. Ruth Charrondiere, Jean-Charles Leblanc, Abdoulaye Diawara, Drissa Siri, Orish E. Orisakwe

22. Canadian Total Diet Study Experiences
Robert W. Dabeka, Dorothea F. K. Rawn, Xu-Liang Cao, John Moisey

23. The Chinese Experience in Total Diet Studies
Junshi Chen

24. The First Total Diet Study in Hong Kong, China
Waiky W. K. Wong, Ying Xiao, Stephen W. C. Chung, Y. Y. Ho

25. Experiences in Total Diet Studies in the Czech Republic
Jiri Ruprich, Irena Rehurkova

26. The Present and Future Use of Total Diet Studies by the European Food Safety Authority
Stefan U. Fabiansson, A. K. Djien Liem

27. The First Total Diet Study in Fiji
William Aalbersberg

28. The French Total Diet Studies
Véronique Sirot, Jean-Charles Leblanc

29. Total Diet Studies in the Indian Context
Kalpagam Polasa, V. Sudershan Rao

30. Experiences in Total Diet Studies in Indonesia
Roy A. Sparringa, Winiati P. Rahayu, Rina Puspitasari

31. Total Diet Studies in Japan
Fujio Kayama, Hiroshi Nitta, Satoshi Nakai, Satoshi Sasaki, Hyogo Horiguchi

32. Total Diet Studies in the Republic of Korea
Hae Jung Yoon

33. Dietary Exposure to Heavy Metals and Radionuclides in Lebanon: A Total Diet Study Approach
Lara Nasreddine

34. The Malaysian Experience in a Total Diet Study
Noraini Mohd Othman, Jamal Khair Hashim, Shamsinar Abdul Talib, Fadzil Othman, Cheow Keat Chin, Laila Rabaah Ahmad Suhaimi, Noraini Ab Wahab, Zawiyah Sharif, Ghanthimathi Subramaniam, Wan Ainiza Wan Mustapha, Norhidayu Ibrahim, Norhidayah Othman, Nor Ismawan Othman, Anida Azhana Husna Zanudeen, Nur Hidayah Jamaludin

35. New Zealand’s Experience in Total Diet Studies
Richard W. Vannoort, Cherie A. Flynn

36. Experiences in Total Diet Studies in Spain
Victoria Marcos

37. Total Diet Study in the Basque Country, Spain
Mercedes Jalón, Inés Urieta, M. Luz Macho

38. Total Diet Studies in Catalonia, Spain
Eduard Mata, Victoria Castell, Joan Ma Llobet, Jose L. Domingo, Patricia Gosalbez

39. Total Diet Studies in Sweden: Monitoring Dietary Exposure to Persistent Organic Pollutants by a Market Basket Approach
Per Ola Darnerud, Wulf Becker, Tatiana Cantillana, Anders Glynn, Emma Halldin-Ankarberg, Anna Törnkvist

40. Total Diet Studies—United Kingdom’s Experience
Joseph Shavila

41. United States Food and Drug Administration’s Total Diet Study Program
Katie Egan

Part III. Special Topics in Total Diet Studies

42. GEMS/Food and Total Diet Studies
Gerald G. Moy

43. GEMS/Food Consumption Cluster Diets
Fanny Héraud, Leila M. Barraj, Gerald G. Moy

44. Food Mapping in a Total Diet Study
Julie L. Boorman, Janis Baines, Tracy L. Hambridge, Janice L. Abbey

45. Automated Programs for Calculating Dietary Exposure
Polly E. Boon, Judy Cunningham, Gerald G. Moy, David Ormerod, Barbara J. Peterson, Rainer Reuss

46. OPAL—A Program to Manage Data on Chemicals in Food and the Diet
Gunter Sommerfeld, Gerald G. Moy

47. Involving and Influencing Key Stakeholders and Interest Groups in a Total Diet Study
Cherie A. Flynn

48. Linking Nutrition Surveys with Total Diet Studies
Junshi Chen

49. Emerging Chemical Contaminants in Total Diet Studies in China
Yongning Wu, Jingguang Li, Pingping Zhou, Wusheng Fu, Gong Zhang, Hong Miao, Xiaowei Li, Junquan Gao, Yunfeng Zhao, Junshi Chen

50. Using Total Diet Studies to Assess Acrylamide Exposure
Kevin D. Hargin

51. Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Food in Australia—An Additional Use of the Australian Total Diet Study
Gillian Duffy, Janice L. Abbey

52. Risk Assessment and Management Interface—Example of Methylmercury in Fish
Jiri Ruprich, Irena Rehurkova

53. The German Approach to Estimating Dietary Exposures Using Food Monitoring Data
Oliver Lindtner, Katharina Berg, Katrin Blume, Ulrike Fiddicke, Gerhard Heinemeyer

54. Total Diet Studies for Infants—Example of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Human Milk
Seongsoo Park, Rainer Malisch, Gerald G. Moy

Keywords: Chemistry, Food Science, Nutrition, Public Health

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