Rothengatter, Werner

Transport Moving to Climate Intelligence

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Table of contents

1. Climate Control: The Long-Term Challenge
Werner Rothengatter, Yoshitsugu Hayashi, Wolfgang Schade

2. Economic Crisis and Consequences for the Transport Sector
Werner Rothengatter

3. Transport in the Past and Current Climate Policy Regime
Wolfgang Schade

4. Low-Carbon Transport in a Developed Megalopolis: The Case of London
David Banister, Robin Hickman

5. Getting into the Right Lane for Low-Carbon Transport in the EU
Karst Geurs, Hans Nijland, Bas Ruijven

6. Japanese Efforts to Solve Environmental Problems with a Focus on the Transport Sector
Motoyuki Suzuki, Yoshitsugu Hayashi, Hirokazu Kato

7. Urban Transport and the Environment in Developing Countries: Complexities and Simplifications
Ali Huzayyin

8. Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Urban Road Transport in Latin America: CO2 Reduction as a Co-Benefit of Transport Strategies
Lee Schipper, Elizabeth Deakin, Carolyn McAndrews

9. Spatial Planning Strategy Towards Low-Carbon City in China
Haixiao Pan, Yang Tang, Jinyu Wu, Yuan Lu, Yangfei Zhang

10. Transport and Energy: The Indian Perspective
Sanjivi Sundar, Akshima T. Ghate

11. The Role of Rail Transport for Sustainable Urban Transport
Yoshitsugu Hayashi, Xianmin Mai, Hirokazu Kato

12. Financing Technology Transfer
Reiner Koblo

13. Internalizing External Costs of Transport with a Focus on Climate Change
Patrick Jochem, Werner Rothengatter

14. Downstream Emissions Trading for Transport
Charles Raux

15. Passenger Mobility and Climate Constraints: Planning for Adaptive Mitigation Strategies
Hector G. Lopez-Ruiz, Yves Crozet

16. Potential of Biofuels to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions of the European Transport Sector
Burkhard Schade, Tobias Wiesenthal, Stephan Hubertus Gay, Guillaume Leduc

17. Technological Potential for CO2 Emission Reductions of Passenger Cars
Michael Krail, Wolfgang Schade

18. Transport, Environment, and Institutions: Why Good Science, Engineering, and Economics Fail?
Louis S. Thompson

19. Converting the Unconverted and Establishing Financial Incentives
Werner Rothengatter, Yoshitsugu Hayashi, Wolfgang Schade

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Environmental Economics, Climate Change, Economic Policy, Regional/Spatial Science

Publication year
Transportation Research, Economics and Policy
Page amount
12 pages

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