Ifenthaler, Dirk

Multiple Perspectives on Problem Solving and Learning in the Digital Age

Ifenthaler, Dirk - Multiple Perspectives on Problem Solving and Learning in the Digital Age, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Learning to Solve Problems in the Digital Age: Introduction
J. Michael Spector, Kinshuk

2. Investigating an Online Museum’s Information System
Asmidah Alwi, Elspeth McKay

3. MAPLET – A Framework for Matching Aims, Processes, Learner Expertise and Technologies
Maree Gosper

4. Web-Based Learning Objects in School Education
Said Hadjerrouit

5. KM and WEB 2.0 Methods for Project-Based Learning
Christine Michel, Élise Lavoué

6. Semandix: Constructing a Knowledge Base According to a Text Comprehension Model
Panagiotis Blitsas, Maria Grigoriadou, Christos Mitsis

7. First-Person Education and the Biofunctional Nature of Knowing, Understanding, and Affect
Asghar Iran-Nejad, William Stewart

8. Socio-cognitive Regulation Strategies in Cooperative Learning Tasks in Virtual Contexts
Denisse Margoth López-Benavides, Ibis Marlene Alvarez-Valdivia

9. Collaborative Cognitive Tools for Shared Representations
Jukka Orava, Pasi Silander

10. Automating the Measurement of Critical Thinking for Individuals Participating in Discussion Forums
Stephen Corich, Kinshuk, Lynn Jeffrey

11. Alternative Assessment Strategies for Complex Problem Solving in Game-Based Learning Environments
Deniz Eseryel, Dirk Ifenthaler, Xun Ge

12. Concept Map Based Intelligent Knowledge Assessment System: Experience of Development and Practical Use
Janis Grundspenkis

13. Technologies to Support the Assessment of Complex Learning in Capstone Units: Two Case Studies
Margot McNeill

14. Text-Guided Automated Self Assessment
Pablo Pirnay-Dummer, Dirk Ifenthaler

15. Comparing the Impact of Electronic Performance Support and Web-Based Training
James D. Klein, Frank Nguyen

16. Moving Beyond Teaching and Learning into a Human Development Paradigm
Sandra Reeb-Gruber, Michael K. McCuddy, Xavier Parisot, David Rossi

17. Leaders for the Twenty-First Century: Preparation, Experiences, and Roles in Technology Implementation
Lynne Schrum, Lyndsie M. Galizio, Mary C. English, Patrick Ledesma

18. Pedagogy and Content Knowledge Based Podcasting Project for Preservice Teachers
Junko Yamamoto

19. Simulation-Games as a Learning Experience: An Analysis of Learning Style and Attitude
Janet Lynn Sutherland, Knut Ekker

20. Implementation of an Online Social Annotation Tool in a College English Course
Anne Mendenhall, Chanmin Kim, Tristan E. Johnson

21. Self-Direction Indicators for Evaluating the Design-Based Elearning Course with Social Software
Kai Pata, Sonja Merisalo

22. Employing Virtual Collaborative Exchanges to Expand Global Awareness
Sandra Poindexter, Ray Amtmann, Tawni Ferrarini

23. Ideas and Concepts of ViCaDiS – A Virtual Learning Environment for Digital Students
Radu Vasiu, Diana Andone

Keywords: Education, Educational Technology, Educational Psychology, Learning & Instruction

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