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Table of contents

1. History of Aerogels
Alain C. Pierre

2. SiO2 Aerogels
Alain C. Pierre, Arnaud Rigacci

3. Hydrophobic Silica Aerogels: Review of Synthesis, Properties and Applications
Ann M. Anderson, Mary K. Carroll

4. Superhydrophobic and Flexible Aerogels
A. Venkateswara Rao, G. M. Pajonk, Digambar Y. Nadargi, Matthias M. Koebel

5. Sodium Silicate Based Aerogels via Ambient Pressure Drying
A. Venkateswara Rao, G. M. Pajonk, Uzma K. H. Bangi, A. Parvathy Rao, Matthias M. Koebel

6. ZrO2 Aerogels
Lassaad Ben Hammouda, Imene Mejri, Mohamed Kadri Younes, Abdelhamid Ghorbel

7. Preparation of TiO2 Aerogels-Like Materials Under Ambient Pressure
Hiroshi Hirashima

8. A Robust Approach to Inorganic Aerogels: The Use of Epoxides in Sol–Gel Synthesis
Theodore F. Baumann, Alexander E. Gash, Joe H. Satcher

9. Monoliths and Fibrous Cellulose Aerogels
Lorenz Ratke

10. Cellulosic and Polyurethane Aerogels
Arnaud Rigacci, Patrick Achard

11. Resorcinol–Formaldehyde Aerogels
Sudhir Mulik, Chariklia Sotiriou-Leventis

12. Natural Aerogels with Interesting Environmental Features: C-Sequestration and Pesticides Trapping
Thierry Woignier

13. Polymer-Crosslinked Aerogels
Nicholas Leventis, Hongbing Lu

14. Interpenetrating Organic/Inorganic Networks of Resorcinol-Formaldehyde/Metal Oxide Aerogels
Nicholas Leventis

15. Improving Elastic Properties of Polymer-Reinforced Aerogels
Mary Ann B. Meador

16. Aerogels Containing Metal, Alloy, and Oxide Nanoparticles Embedded into Dielectric Matrices
Anna Corrias, Maria Francesca Casula

17. Chalcogenide Aerogels
Stephanie L. Brock, Hongtao Yu

18. Biopolymer-Containing Aerogels: Chitosan-Silica Hybrid Aerogels
Chunhua Jennifer Yao, Xipeng Liu, William M. Risen

19. Anisotropic Aerogels by Photolithography
Massimo Bertino

20. Aerogels Synthesis by Sonocatalysis: Sonogels

Luis Esquivias, M. Piñero, V. Morales-Flórez, Nicolas Rosa-Fox

21. Structural Characterization of Aerogels
Gudrun Reichenauer

22. Mechanical Characterization of Aerogels
Hongbing Lu, Huiyang Luo, Nicholas Leventis

23. Thermal Properties of Aerogels
Hans-Peter Ebert

24. Simulation and Modeling of Aerogels Using Atomistic and Mesoscale Methods
Lev D. Gelb

25. Aerogels and Sol–Gel Composites as Nanostructured Energetic Materials
Alexander E. Gash, Randall L. Simpson, Joe H. Satcher

26. Aerogels for Superinsulation: A Synoptic View
Matthias M. Koebel, Arnaud Rigacci, Patrick Achard

27. Aerogels as Platforms for Chemical Sensors
Mary K. Carroll, Ann M. Anderson

28. Transparent Silica Aerogel Blocks for High-Energy Physics Research
Hiroshi Yokogawa

29. Sintering of Silica Aerogels for Glass Synthesis: Application to Nuclear Waste Containment
Thierry Woignier, Jerome Reynes, Jean Phalippou

30. Biomedical Applications of Aerogels
Wei Yin, David A. Rubenstein

31. Pharmaceutical Applications of Aerogels
Irina Smirnova

32. Applications of Aerogels in Space Exploration
Steven M. Jones, Jeffrey Sakamoto

33. Airborne Ultrasonic Transducer
Hidetomo Nagahara, Masahiko Hashimoto

34. Aerogels for Foundry Applications
Lorenz Ratke, Barbara Milow

35. AER( )SCULPTURE: A Free-Dimensional Space Art
Ioannis Michaloudis

36. Preparation and Application of Carbon Aerogels
Jun Shen, Dayong Y. Guan

37. Insights and Analysis of Manufacturing and Marketing Consumer Products with Aerogel Materials
Bruce McCormick

38. Aerogel by Cabot Corporation: Versatile Properties for Many Applications
Hilary Thorne-Banda, Tom Miller

39. American Aerogel Corporation: Organic Aerogel Commercialization
Robert Mendenhall

40. Aerogels Super-thermal Insulation Materials by Nano Hi-tech
Chengli Jin

OKAGEL: High Insulating Day Lighting Systems
Frank Schneider

42. Concluding Remarks and Outlook
Michel A. Aegerter, Nicholas Leventis, Matthias M. Koebel

Keywords: Materials Science, Ceramics, Glass, Composites, Natural Methods, Inorganic Chemistry, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Nanotechnology, Polymer Sciences

Publication year
Advances in Sol-Gel Derived Materials and Technologies
Page amount
31 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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