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BeadChip Molecular Immunohematology

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Table of contents

1. An Overview of the Classic Serological Methods: Limitations and Benefits of Serology and DNA Testing
John J. Moulds

2. Introduction to Molecular Typing
JoAnn M. Moulds, Steven R. Sloan

3. The BeadChip System: A Flexible Array Format for Complex Nucleic Acid and Protein Analysis
Ghazala Hashmi, Yi Zhang, Michael Seul

4. Implementation of HEA at Blood Centers: Prescreening, Rare Donors, Inventory Management
JoAnn M. Moulds

5. Implementation of HEA BeadChip System at Medical Centers: Providing Extended Matched Units and Eliminating Complex Workups for Patients
Ellen Klapper

6. Human Platelet Antigen Genotyping and Diagnosis of Antiplatelet Alloimmunization
Gerald Bertrand, Cecile Kaplan-Gouet

7. Blood Group Genotyping by High-Throughput DNA-Analysis: Application to the Panel National de Référence du CNRGS
Sandrine Kappler-Gratias, Thierry Peyrard, Pierre-Yves Pennec, Jean-Pierre Cartron, Philippe Rouger, Bach-Nga Pham

8. Implementation and Assessment of High-Throughput Donor Typing at the Milan, Italy, Immunohematology Reference Laboratory
Nicoletta Revelli, Cinzia Paccapelo, Paola Ponzo, Francesca Truglio, Veronica Sala, Francesca Poli, Maurizio Marconi, Maria Antonietta Villa

9. Implementation of the BioArray Human Erythrocyte Antigen (HEA) BeadChip™ System: The Spanish Red Cross Blood Centre of Madrid, Spain Experience
Luisa Barea García, Emma Castro Izaguirre

10. Looking Beyond HEA: Matching SCD Patients for RH Variants
Marion E. Reid, Christine Halter Hipsky

11. Identification of Altered RHD and RHCE Alleles: A Comparison of Manual and Automated Molecular Methods
Sunitha Vege, Connie M. Westhoff

12. Bayesian Classification Algorithms for Automated Allele Assignment
Kairali Podual, Yi Zhang, Natalia Mezokh, Jiacheng Yang, Randall Wilson

Keywords: Biomedicine, Biomedicine general, Immunology, Antibodies, Laboratory Medicine, Molecular Medicine, Blood Transfusion Medicine

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