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Food Engineering Interfaces

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Table of contents

1. The Beginning, Current, and Future of Food Engineering: A Perspective
Dennis R. Heldman, Daryl B. Lund

2. Advances in 3D Numerical Simulation of Viscous and Viscoelastic Mixing Flows
Kiran V. Vyakaranam, Jozef L. Kokini

3. CFD: An Innovative and Effective Design Tool for the Food Industry
Tomás Norton, Da-Wen Sun

4. Incorporation of Fibers in Foods: A Food Engineering Challenge
Madhuvanti Kale, Dhananjay Pai, Bruce Hamaker, Osvaldo Campanella

5. Gastric Digestion of Foods: Mathematical Modeling of Flow Field in a Human Stomach
Samrendra Singh, R. Paul Singh

6. State of the Art in Immobilized/Encapsulated Cell Technology in Fermentation Processes
Viktor A. Nedović, Verica Manojlović, Branko Bugarski, Ronnie Willaert

7. Multifactorial Assessment of Microbial Risks in Foods: Merging Engineering, Science, and Social Dimensions
Valerie Davidson, Juliana Ruzante, Carlos Daza Donoso

8. Development of Eco-efficiency Indicators to Assess the Environmental Performance of the Canadian Food and Beverage Industry
Michèle Marcotte, Yves Arcand, Dominique Maxime, Denyse Landry

9. Food Process Economics
George Saravacos, Zacharias Maroulis

10. Systemic Approach to Curriculum Design and Development
Inés Ecima, Maurcio Pardo, Gloria González-Mariño

11. Innovations in Thermal Treatment of Food
Arthur Teixeira

12. Optimization of Food Thermal Processing: Sterilization Stage and Plant Production Scheduling
Ricardo Simpson, Alik Abakarov

13. Recent Advances in Emerging Nonthermal Technologies
Daniela Bermúdez-Aguirre, Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas

14. High-Pressure-Induced Effects on Bacterial Spores, Vegetative Microorganisms, and Enzymes
Dietrich Knorr, Kai Reineke, Alexander Mathys, Volker Heinz, Roman Buckow

15. High Pressure Sterilization of Foods
Hosahalli Ramaswamy

16. Bioseparation of Nutraceuticals Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
Feral Temelli, Bernhard Seifried

17. Mass Transfer and Equilibrium Parameters on High-Pressure CO2 Extraction of Plant Essential Oils
José M. Valle, Juan C. Fuente, Edgar Uquiche, Carsten Zetzl, Gerd Brunner

18. Glass Transitions: Opportunities and Challenges
Yrjö H. Roos, Nattiga Silalai

19. Caking of Water-Soluble Amorphous and Crystalline Food Powders
Stefan Palzer, Karl Sommer

20. Effective Drying Zones and Nonlinear Dynamics in a Laboratory Spray Dryer
Ulises Ramón Morales-Durán, Liliana Alamilla-Beltrán, Humberto Hernández-Sánchez, Jose Jorge Chanona-Pérez, Antonio Ruperto Jiménez-Aparicio, Gustavo Fidel Gutiérrez-López

21. Rehydration Modeling of Food Particulates Utilizing Principles of Water Transport in Porous Media
I. Sam Saguy, Oranit Troygot, Alejandro Marabi, Rony Wallach

22. Responses of Living Organisms to Freezing and Drying: Potential Applications in Food Technology
María Pilar Buera

23. Food Microstructures for Health, Well-being, and Pleasure
José Miguel Aguilera

24. Fruit Microstructure Evaluation Using Synchrotron X-Ray Computed Tomography
Pieter Verboven, Quang Tri Ho, Els Herremans, Hibru Kelemu Mebatsion, Bart Nicolaï, Greet Kerckhofs, Martine Wevers, Peter Cloetens

25. Multifractal Characterization of Apple Pore and Ham Fat-Connective Tissue Size Distributions Using Image Analysis
Fernando Mendoza, Nektarios Valous, Adriana Delgado, Da-Wen Sun

26. New Packaging Materials Based on Renewable Resources: Properties, Applications, and Prospects
Stéphane Guilbert, Carole Guillaume, Nathalie Gontard

27. Edible Coatings to Improve Food Quality and Safety
Noemí Zaritzky

28. Physical Properties of Edible Gelatin Films Colored with Chlorophyllide
Paulo J. A. Sobral, Rosemary A. Carvalho, Carmen S. Fávaro-Trindade

Keywords: Chemistry, Food Science, Chemistry/Food Science, general

Publication year
Food Engineering Series
Page amount
18 pages
Natural Sciences

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