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Supporting Real Time Decision-Making

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Table of contents

1. Challenges of Real-Time Decision Support
Daniel J. Power

2. Improvisation as Model for Real-Time Decision Making
Eric W. Stein

3. Context Prediction in Pervasive Computing Systems: Achievements and Challenges
Andrey Boytsov, Arkady Zaslavsky

4. A Contextual Methodology for Modelling Real-Time Decision-Making Support
Patrick Brézillon

5. Towards Real-Time Context Awareness for Mobile Users: A Declarative Meta-Programming Approach
Seng W. Loke

6. The Role of Context for Crisis Management Cycle
Florence Aligne, Juliette Mattioli

7. The Contextual and Collaborative Dimensions of Avatar in Real-Time Decision Making
Norita Ahmad, Reza Barkhi

8. Beyond Rationality: Information Design for Supporting Emergent Groups in Emergency Response
Tung X. Bui, Ina Sebastian

9. Dynamic Emergency Response Management for Large Scale Decision Making in Extreme Hazardous Events
Murray Turoff, Connie White, Linda Plotnick

10. Partially Distributed Emergency Teams: Considerations of Decision Support for Virtual Communities of Practice
Linda Plotnick, Murray Turoff, Connie White

11. Why Real-Time Transaction Processing Fails to Capture the Context Required for Decision Support
Fergal Carton, Frederic Adam, Patrick Brézillon

12. Continuous Auditing as a Foundation for Real Time Decision Support: Implementation Challenges and Successes
Robert Baksa, Murray Turoff

13. Towards a “Just-in-Time” Distributed Decision Support System in Health Care Research
Ziad Kobti, Anne W. Snowdon, Robert D. Kent, Gokul Bhandari, Shamual F. Rahaman, Paul D. Preney, Carol A. Kolga, Barbara Tiessen, Lichun Zhu

14. Context Modelling in Time-Critical Decision Support for Medical Triage
Shane Grigsby, Frada Burstein, Nyree Parker

15. Efficient Context Prediction for Decision Making in Pervasive Health Care Environments: A Case Study
Yves Vanrompay, Yolande Berbers

16. On-demand Assistance in Handling Ammunition:Development of a Mobile Ammo DSS
Supavich Pengnate, Ramesh Sharda, David Biros, Michael Hass, Upton Shimp

17. Development of a Mobile Situation Awareness Tool Supporting Disaster Recovery of Business Operations
Pedro Antunes, Claudio Sapateiro, Gustavo Zurita, Nelson Baloian

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Operations Research/Decision Theory, Business Information Systems, Information Systems and Communication Service, Management of Computing and Information Systems

Publication year
Annals of Information Systems
Page amount
39 pages

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