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Handbook of Sociology of Aging

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Table of contents

1. Trends in the Sociology of Aging: Thirty Year Observations
Richard A. Settersten, Jacqueline L. Angel

2. Theoretical Perspectives on the Sociology of Aging
Victor W. Marshall, Vern L. Bengtson

3. Aging Individuals, Families, and Societies: Micro–Meso–Macro Linkages in the Life Course
Merril Silverstein, Roseann Giarrusso

4. Widening the View: Capturing “Unobserved” Heterogeneity in Studies of Age and the Life Course
Jessica A. Kelley-Moore, Jielu Lin

5. Gender and Aging
Susan Venn, Kate Davidson, Sara Arber

6. Race, Ethnicity, and Aging
Jan E. Mutchler, Jeffrey A. Burr

7. Immigration, Aging, and Health in the United States
Kyriakos S. Markides, Kerstin Gerst

8. Global Aging
Masa Higo, John B. Williamson

9. Diversity and Family Relations in an Aging Society
Judith Treas, Christopher Steven Marcum

10. Social Relations and Aging
Deborah Carr, Sara M. Moorman

11. Intergenerational Relations in Later-Life Families
J. Jill Suitor, Jori Sechrist, Megan Gilligan, Karl Pillemer

12. The Midlife Financial Squeeze: Intergenerational Transfers of Financial Resources Within Aging Families
R. Corey Remle

13. The Demography of Unions Among Older Americans, 1980–Present: A Family Change Approach
Wendy D. Manning, Susan L. Brown

14. Rethinking Retirement
Melissa Hardy

15. Learning and Aging
Emily Jovic, Julie McMullin

16. The Midlife Years: Human Capital and Job Mobility
Cheryl Elman

17. The Changing Worlds of Family and Work
Madonna Harrington Meyer, Wendy M. Parker

18. Developing Age-Friendly Communities: New Approaches to Growing Old in Urban Environments
Chris Phillipson

19. Crises and Old Age Policy
Carroll L. Estes

20. Welfare States: Protecting or Risking Old Age
Jill Quadagno, Ben Lennox Kail, K. Russell Shekha

21. Volunteering in Later Life: From Disengagement to Civic Engagement
Greg O’Neill, Nancy Morrow-Howell, Sarah F. Wilson

22. Business and Aging: The Boomer Effect on Consumers and Marketing
Janice I. Wassel

23. Consumption and Aging
Chris Gilleard, Paul Higgs

24. Planning for Old Age
Debra Street, Sarah Desai

25. Responses of the Long-Term Care System to Recent Natural Disasters
Sarah B. Laditka, James N. Laditka, Dena Shenk

26. Elder Mistreatment
Sonia Salari

27. Crime, the Law, and Aging
Duane Matcha

28. Aging Veterans: Needs and Provisions
Janet M. Wilmoth, Andrew S. London

29. Health and Aging: Early Origins, Persistent Inequalities?
Kenneth F. Ferraro

30. Mental Health and Aging: A Life-Course Perspective
David Mechanic, Donna D. McAlpine

31. Aging with HIV/AIDS
Allen J. LeBlanc

32. Obesity: A Sociological Examination
Christine L. Himes, Valerie Episcopo

33. Religious Involvement, Health Status, and Mortality Risk
Terrence D. Hill, Amy M. Burdette, Ellen L. Idler

34. Civil Society and Eldercare in Posttraditional Society
Ronald J. Angel

35. Population Aging, Health Systems, and Equity: Shared Challenges for the United States and Canada
Amélie Quesnel-Vallée, Jean-Simon Farrah, Tania Jenkins

36. Long-Term Care: Tradition and Innovation
Eva Kahana, Loren Lovegreen, Boaz Kahana

37. Caregiving and the Life Course: Connecting the Personal and the Public
Eliza K. Pavalko

38. Gerontology with a “J”: Personal Reflections on Theory-Building in the Sociology of Aging
Vern L. Bengtson

39. The Sociology of Aging and the Life Course Comes of Age
Stephen J. Cutler

40. Long Time Coming, Not Here Yet: The Possibilities of the Social in Age and Life Course Studies
Dale Dannefer

41. Looking Back: My Half Century as a Sociologist of Aging and Society
Anne Foner

42. As Time Goes By: Gerontological and Life Course Musings
Linda K. George

43. Studying Age Across Borders
Gunhild O. Hagestad

44. Living the Gendered Life Course in Time and Space
Phyllis Moen

45. Sociology of Aging in the Decade Ahead
Jacqueline L. Angel, Richard A. Settersten

Keywords: Social Sciences, Aging, Public Health/Gesundheitswesen, Social Policy, Quality of Life Research

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Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research
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