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Biosocial Foundations of Family Processes

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Table of contents

Part I. Parenting and Early Childhood Behavior and Development

1. How Mothers Are Born: A Psychobiological Analysis of Mothering
Viara Mileva-Seitz, Alison S. Fleming

2. How Fathers Evolve: A Functional Analysis of Fathering Behavior
Anne Storey, Carolyn Walsh

3. Caregiving as Coregulation: Psychobiological Processes and Child Functioning
Susan D. Calkins

4. The Determinants of Parenting in GxE Perspective: A Case of Differential Susceptibility?
Jay Belsky

Part II. Development and Adjustment in Adolescence

5. Gene–Environment Interplay Helps to Explain Influences of Family Relationships on Adolescent Adjustment and Development
Jenae M. Neiderhiser

6. The Importance of the Phenotype in Explorations of Gene–Environment Interplay
S. Alexandra Burt

7. The Importance of Puberty in Adolescent Development
Sheri A. Berenbaum

8. Genes, Hormones, and Family Behavior: What Makes Adolescence Unique?
Sally I. Powers

Part III. Mate Selection, Family Formation, and Fertility

9. Human Adaptations for Mating: Frameworks for Understanding Patterns of Family Formation and Fertility
Steven W. Gangestad

10. The Need for Family Research Using Multiple Approaches and Methods
Brian M. D’Onofrio, Niklas Langstrom, Paul Lichtenstein

11. Psychological Adaptation and Human Fertility Patterns: Some Evidence of Human Mating Strategies as Evoked Sexual Culture
David P. Schmitt

12. Comments on Consilience Efforts
S. Philip Morgan

Part IV. Family Adaptations to Resource Disparities

13. Family Influences on Children’s Well-Being: Potential Roles of Molecular Genetics and Epigenetics
Guang Guo

14. Social Inequalities, Family Relationships, and Child Health
Mark V. Flinn

15. Family Resources, Genes, and Human Development
Pilyoung Kim, Gary W. Evans

16. In Search of GE: Why We Have Not Documented a Gene–Social Environment Interaction Yet
Dalton Conley

17. A Promising Approach to Future Biosocial Research on the Family: Considering the Role of Temporal Context
Jennifer B. Kane, Chun Bun Lam

Keywords: Psychology, Family, Psychotherapy and Counseling, Public Health

Publication year
National Symposium on Family Issues
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285 pages

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