Garrett-Mayer, Elizabeth

Principles of Anticancer Drug Development

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Table of contents

1. Basic Biostatistics for the Clinical Trialist
Elizabeth G. Hill, Elizabeth Garrett-Mayer

2. Fundamental Concepts in Clinical Pharmacology
Daniel L. Gustafson, Erica L. Bradshaw-Pierce

3. Bioanalytical Methods in Clinical Drug Development
Walter J. Loos, Peter Bruijn, Alex Sparreboom

4. Preclinical Models for Anticancer Drug Development
Edward A. Sausville

5. Phase I Clinical Trials with Anticancer Agents
Stephen Leong, Justin Call, Alex A. Adjei, Wells Messersmith

6. Phase II Trials with Anticancer Agents
Hui K. Gan, J. Jack Lee, Lillian L. Siu

7. Phase III Clinical Trials with Anticancer Agents
Wendy R. Parulekar, Daniel J. Sargent

8. Pharmacokinetic Studies in Early Anticancer Drug Development
Alex Sparreboom, Sharyn D. Baker

9. Pharmacodynamic Studies in Early Phase Drug Development
D. Ross Camidge, Robert C. Doebele, Antonio Jimeno

10. Prediction of Antitumor Response
Fred R. Hirsch, Yu Shyr

11. Imaging Studies in Anticancer Drug Development
David A. Mankoff

12. Role of the US Food and Drug Administration in Cancer Drug Development
Ann T. Farrell, Ramzi N. Dagher, Richard Pazdur

13. Early Clinical Trials with Cytotoxic Agents
M. J. A. Jonge, Jaap Verweij

14. Challenges and Successes in Developing Effective Anti-angiogenic Agents
Laura Q. M. Chow, S. Gail Eckhardt

15. Targeted Therapeutics in Cancer Treatment
Colin D. Weekes, Manuel Hidalgo

16. Cancer Chemoprevention
Christopher H. Lieu, William N. William, Scott M. Lippman

17. Combined Modality Therapy in Cancer Management
David Raben, Kyle Rusthoven

18. Cancer Vaccines
Daniel Laheru

19. Optimising the Development of Antibodies as Treatment for Cancer
Craig P. Carden, Hendrik-Tobias Arkenau, Johann S. Bono

20. Oligonucleotide Therapeutics
Cy A. Stein, Britta Hoehn, John Rossi

21. Anticancer Drug Development in Pediatric Patients
Lia Gore, Margaret Macy

22. Clinical Trials in Special Populations
S. Percy Ivy, Merrill J. Egorin, Chris H. Takimoto, Jeannette Y. Wick

23. NCI-Sponsored Clinical Trials
Andriana Papaconstantinou, Janet E. Dancey

Keywords: Biomedicine, Cancer Research

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Cancer Drug Discovery and Development
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17 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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