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Galaxies and their Masks

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Table of contents

1. Stars are Small Dark-Coloured Things That Live in Holes in the Ground
Pippa Skotnes

2. Shrouds of the Night – Galaxies and René Magritte
David L. Block, Kenneth C. Freeman, Ivâo Puerari

3. Twin Masks of Spiral Structure? A Local Perspective
Thomas Y. Steiman-Cameron

4. The Mask of Complexity in Disk Galaxies
Daniel Pfenniger

5. Cosmic Magnetic Fields – An Overview
Richard Wielebinski, Rainer Beck

6. The Gaseous Halo Mask
Mary E. Putman, M. Ryan Joung, Jana Grcevich, Fabian Heitsch

7. Molecular Gas Properties of Galaxies: The SMA CO(2-1) B0DEGA Legacy Project
Daniel Espada, S. Martin, P.-Y. Hsieh, P.T.P. Ho, S. Matsushita, Lourdes Verdes-Montenegro, J. Sabater, Simon Verley, M. Krips, V. Espigares

8. The DiVA’s Mask: Iconifying Galaxies and Revealing HI Anomalies
Jayanne English, Jason Fiege, Theresa Wiegert, Baerbel Koribalski, Wolfgang Kerzendorf, Kenneth C. Freeman

9. Enigmatic Masks of Cosmic Dust: Lessons from Nearby Galaxies Through the Eyes of the Spitzer Space Telescope
Robert Groess, David L. Block, Giovanni G. Fazio

10. The Large Magellanic Cloud: A Power Spectral Analysis of Spitzer Images
Ivânio Puerari, David L. Block, Bruce G. Elmegreen, Frédéric Bournaud

11. Light Cores Behind Dark Masks
Ruben J. Díaz, Damián Mast, Germán Gimeno, Horacio Dottori, Irapuan Rodrigues, María Paz Agüero, Peter Pessev

12. Globalization, Open Access Publishing, and the Disappearance of Print: Threat or Opportunity?
J.J. Blom

13. Super Star Clusters and Supernovae in Interacting LIRGs Unmasked by NIR Adaptive Optics
Petri Väisänen, Zara Randriamanakoto, Erkki Kankare, Seppo Mattila, Stuart Ryder

14. Structure, Mass, and Stability of Galactic Disks
Pieter Kruit

15. What Can the Radial Surface Brightness Profiles of Galaxy Discs Tell Us About Their Evolution?
John E. Beckman, Leonel Gutiérrez, Peter Erwin, Ruyman Azzollini, Inma Martínez-Valpuesta

16. The Complex Interplay of Dust and Star Light in Spiral Galaxy Discs
Maarten Baes, Dimitri Gadotti, Joris Verstappen, Ilse Looze, Jacopo Fritz, Edgardo Vidal Pérez, Marko Stalevski

17. Galaxy Morphology Revealed By SDSS: Blue Elliptical Galaxies
Hong Bae Ann

18. Rings and Bars: Unmasking Secular Evolution of Galaxies
Johan H. Knapen

19. Bars and Bulges Through Masks of Time
Isabel Pérez, Patricia Sánchez-Blázquez, A. Zurita, G. Popping, Bard K. Gibson, Pierre Ocvirk

20. Tidal Trails and Mass-Segregated Isothermal Clusters
Donald Lynden-Bell

21. Stellar Debris Streams: New Probes of Galactic Structure and Formation
Carl J. Grillmair

22. Chemical Enrichment in Galaxies: Constraints on Nucleogenesis and Galaxy Evolution
Francesca Matteucci

23. Chemodynamical Simulations of Galaxies
Chiaki Kobayashi

24. Elemental Abundance Patterns of Disk Substructure
Gayandhi Silva

25. Searching for Structures and Streams in the Extended Solar Neighbourhood with RAVE
Mary Williams

26. On the Age–Metallicity–Velocity Relation in the Nearby Disk Using the RAVE Survey
Borja Anguiano, Kenneth C. Freeman, Matthias Steinmetz, Elizabeth Wylie Boer

27. The HERMES Project: Reconstructing Galaxy Formation
Kenneth C. Freeman

28. Stellar Halos: Unmasking a Galaxy’s History
Amina Helmi

29. The Outer Halos of Elliptical Galaxies
Ortwin Gerhard

30. Galaxies: Lighthouses in the Shoals of Dark Halos
R.B. Brent Tully

31. Dark Haloes as Seen with Gravitational Lensing
Konrad Kuijken

32. Behind the Mask: Resolving the Core–Cusp Problem in Spiral Galaxies
George Rhee

33. A GALAXY BASELINE: Multiwavelength Study of a Sample of the Most Isolated Galaxies in the Local Universe
Lourdes Verdes-Montenegro, J. Sulentic, G. Bergond, Daniel Espada, S. Leon, U. Lisenfeld, V. Martinez-Badenes, J.E. Ruiz, J. Sabater, Simon Verley

34. Diffuse Light and Galaxy Interactions in the Core of Nearby Clusters
Magda Arnaboldi

35. Feedback in Star and Galaxy Formation
Joseph Silk

36. When Bad Masks Turn Good
Roberto G. Abraham

37. Spitzer’s View of Galaxies in the High-Redshift Universe
Giovanni G. Fazio

38. Bandshifting and Other Masks of the Clumpy Populations in High-Redshift Galaxies
Bruce G. Elmegreen, Debra Meloy Elmegreen

39. Supernovae, Dust, and Cosmology
Brian P. Schmidt, Joerg Fischera

Keywords: Physics, Astronomy, Observations and Techniques

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