Burghartz, Joachim

Ultra-thin Chip Technology and Applications

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Table of contents

1. Why Are Silicon Wafers as Thick as They Are?
Peter Stallhofer

2. Thin Chips on the ITRS Roadmap
Joachim N. Burghartz

3. Thin Wafer Manufacturing and Handling Using Low Cost Carriers
Florian Schmitt, Michael Zernack

4. Ultra-thin Wafer Fabrication Through Dicing-by-Thinning
Christof Landesberger, Sabine Scherbaum, Karlheinz Bock

5. Thin Wafer Handling and Processing without Carrier Substrates
Yoshikazu Kobayashi, Martin Plankensteiner, Midoriko Honda

6. Epitaxial Growth and Selective Etching Techniques
Evangelos A. Angelopoulos, Alexander Kaiser

7. Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) Wafer-Based Thin-Chip Fabrication
Joachim N. Burghartz

8. Fabrication of Ultra-thin Chips Using Silicon Wafers with Buried Cavities
Martin Zimmermann, Joachim N. Burghartz, Wolfgang Appel, Christine Harendt

9. Through-Silicon Vias Using Bosch DRIE Process Technology
Franz Laermer, Andrea Urban

10. Through-Silicon via Technology for 3D IC
Eric Beyne

11. 3D-IC Technology Using Ultra-Thin Chips
Mitsumasa Koyanagi

12. Substrate Handling Techniques for Thin Wafer Processing
Christof Landesberger, Sabine Scherbaum, Karlheinz Bock

13. System-in-Foil Technology
Andreas Dietzel, Jeroen Brand, Jan Vanfleteren, Wim Christiaens, Erwin Bosman, Johan Baets

14. Chip Embedding in Laminates
Andreas Kugler, Metin Koyuncu, André Zimmermann, Jan Kostelnik

15. Handling of Thin Dies with Emphasis on Chip-to-Wafer Bonding
Fabian Schnegg, Hannes Kostner, Gernot Bock, Stefan Engensteiner

16. Micro Bump Assembly
Paresh Limaye, Wenqi Zhang

17. Mechanical Characterisation and Modelling of Thin Chips
Stephan Schoenfelder, Joerg Bagdahn, Mattias Petzold

18. Structure Impaired Mechanical Stability of Ultra-thin Chips
Tu Hoang, Stefan Endler, Christine Harendt

19. Piezoresistive Effect in MOSFETS
Nicoleta Wacker, Harald Richter

20. Electrical Device Characterisation on Ultra-thin Chips
Mahadi-Ul Hassan, Horst Rempp, Harald Richter, Nicoleta Wacker

21. MOS Compact Modelling for Flexible Electronics
Slobodan Mijalković

22. Piezojunction Effect: Stress Influence on Bipolar Transistors
J. Fredrik Creemer, Patrick J. French

23. Thermal Effects in Thin Silicon Dies: Simulation and Modelling
Niccolò Rinaldi, Salvatore Russo, Vincenzo d’Alessandro

24. Optical Characterisation of Thin Silicon
Michael Reuter, Sebastian J. Eisele

25. Thin Chips for Power Applications
Kurt Aigner, Oliver Häberlen, Herbert Hopfgartner, Thomas Laska

26. Thinned Backside-Illuminated (BSI) Imagers
Koen Munck, Kyriaki Minoglou, Piet Moor

27. Thin Solar Cells
Michael Reuter

28. Bendable Electronics for Retinal Implants
Heinz-Gerd Graf

29. Thin Chip Flow Sensors for Nonplanar Assembly
Hannes Sturm, Walter Lang

30. RFID Transponders
Cor Scherjon

31. Thin Chips for Document Security
Thomas Suwald

32. Flexible Display Driver Chips
Ali Asif, Harald Richter

33. Microwave Passive Components in Thin Film Technology
Behzad Rejaei

34. Through-Silicon via Technology for RF and Millimetre-Wave Applications
Alvin Joseph, Cheun-Wen Huang, Anthony Stamper, Wayne Woods, Dan Vanslette, Mete Erturk, Jim Dunn, Mike McPartlin, Mark Doherty

Keywords: Engineering, Circuits and Systems, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design

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22 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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