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Handbook of Atomization and Sprays

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Table of contents

1. Capillary Instability of Free Liquid Jets
N. Ashgriz, A. L. Yarin

2. Bending and Buckling Instabilities of Free Liquid Jets: Experiments and General Quasi-One-Dimensional Model
A. L. Yarin

3. Instability of Liquid Sheets
N. Ashgriz, X. Li, A. Sarchami

4. Dynamics of Liquid Droplets
A. Mashayek, N. Ashgriz

5. Oscillation of Droplets and Bubbles
N. Ashgriz, M. Movassat

6. Droplet Deformation and Breakup
D. R. Guildenbecher, C. López-Rivera, P. E. Sojka

7. Droplet Collision
G. Brenn

8. Droplet Impact on a Solid Surface
António L. N. Moreira, A. S. Moita, S. Chandra

9. Atomization Models
C. A. Chryssakis, D. N. Assanis, F. X. Tanner

10. Flashing Sprays
R. Karami, N. Ashgriz

11. Supercritical and Transcritical Injection
P. Seebald, P. E. Sojka

12. Evaporating Sprays
F. X. Tanner

13. Reacting Sprays
F. X. Tanner

14. Spray Group Combustion
A. Umemura

15. Droplet Evaporation in the Non-continuum Regime
E. J. Davis

16. Droplet Freezing and Solidification
F. X. Tanner

17. Numerical Techniques for Simulating the Atomization Process
N. Ashgriz

18. Modeling Atomization Using Boundary Element Methods (BEM)
S. S. Yoon, S. D. Heister

19. Continuum-Based Methods for Sprays
F. X. Tanner

20. Lattice Boltzmann Method for Sprays
K. N. Premnath, J. Abraham

21. Spray-Wall Impact
A. L. N. Moreira, M. R. Oliveira Panão

22. Interacting Sprays
J. B. Greenberg

23. Drop Size Distributions
A. Déchelette, E. Babinsky, P. E. Sojka

24. Spray Nozzles
K. Omer, N. Ashgriz

25. Drop-on-Demand Drop Generators
M. Eslamian, N. Ashgriz

26. Droplet Stream Generator
G. Brenn

27. Plain Orifice Spray Nozzles
S. D. Heister

28. Pintle Injectors
S. D. Heister

29. Atomization of a Liquid Jet in a Crossflow
A. Mashayek, N. Ashgriz

30. Impinging Jet Atomization
N. Ashgriz

31. Splash Plate Atomizers
A. Sarchami, N. Ashgriz

32. Electrosprays
F. Sultan, N. Ashgriz, D. R. Guildenbecher, P. E. Sojka

33. Swirl, T-Jet and Vibrating-Mesh Atomizers
M. Eslamian, N. Ashgriz

34. Spray Applications in Internal Combustion Engines
K. Lee, J. Abraham

35. Spray Modeling and Predictive Simulations in Realistic Gas-Turbine Engines
S. V. Apte, P. Moin

36. Melt Atomization
B. Zheng, E. J. Lavernia

37. Spray Drying, Spray Pyrolysis and Spray Freeze Drying
M. Eslamian, N. Ashgriz

38. Low-pressure Spray Pyrolysis
W.-N. Wang, A. Purwanto, K. Okuyama

39. Flame Spray Pyrolysis
A. Purwanto, W.-N. Wang, K. Okuyama

40. Particle Production via Emulsion Combustion Spray Method
M. Eslamian, M. Ahmed, N. Ashgriz

41. Pharmaceutical Aerosol Sprays for Drug Delivery to the Lungs
W. H. Finlay

42. Fire Suppression
C. Presser, J. C. Yang

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control

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Technology, Energy, Traffic

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