Pescosolido, Bernice A.

Handbook of the Sociology of Health, Illness, and Healing

Pescosolido, Bernice A. - Handbook of the Sociology of Health, Illness, and Healing, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Taking “The Promise” Seriously: Medical Sociology’s Role in Health, Illness, and Healing in a Time of Social Change
Bernice A. Pescosolido

2. Medical Sociology and Its Relationship to Other Disciplines: The Case of Mental Health and the Ambivalent Relationship Between Sociology and Psychiatry
Anne Rogers, David Pilgrim

3. Organizing the Sociological Landscape for the Next Decades of Health and Health Care Research: The Network Episode Model III-R as Cartographic Subfield Guide
Bernice A. Pescosolido

4. Fundamental Causality: Challenges of an Animating Concept for Medical Sociology
Jeremy Freese, Karen Lutfey

5. Learning from Other Countries: Comparing Experiences and Drawing Lessons for the United States
Mary Ruggie

6. Health and the Social Rights of Citizenship: Integrating Welfare-State Theory and Medical Sociology
Sigrun Olafsdottir, Jason Beckfield

7. Health Social Movements: Advancing Traditional Medical Sociology Concepts
Phil Brown, Rachel Morello-Frosch, Stephen Zavestoski, Laura Senier, Rebecca Gasior Altman, Elizabeth Hoover, Sabrina McCormick, Brian Mayer, Crystal Adams

8. Layering Control: Medicalization, Psychopathy, and the Increasing Multi-institutional Management of Social Problems
Tait R. Medina, Ann McCranie

9. Community Systems Collide and Cooperate: Control of Deviance by the Legal and Mental Health Systems
Virginia Aldigé Hiday

10. Medicalization and Biomedicalization Revisited: Technoscience and Transformations of Health, Illness and American Medicine
Adele E. Clarke, Janet Shim

11. Two Cultures: Two Ships: The Rise of a Professionalism Movement Within Modern Medicine and Medical Sociology’s Disappearance from the Professionalism Debate
Frederic W. Hafferty, Brian Castellani

12. Medicine as a Family-Friendly Profession?
Ann Boulis, Jerry A. Jacobs

13. Clash of Logics, Crisis of Trust: Entering the Era of Public For-Profit Health Care?
Carol A. Caronna

14. Health Care Policy and Medical Sociology
Jennie Jacobs Kronenfeld

15. The Consumer Turn in Medicalization: Future Directions with Historical FoundationsFuture Directions with Historical Foundations
Anne E. Figert

16. Mundane Medicine, Therapeutic Relationships, and the Clinical Encounter: Current and Future Agendas for Sociology
Carl May

17. After 30 Years, Problems and Prospects in the Study of Doctor–Patient Interaction
John Heritage, Douglas W. Maynard

18. Enter Health Information Technology: Expanding Theories of the Doctor–Patient Relationship for the Twenty-First Century Health Care Delivery System

Eric R. Wright

19. Culture, Race/Ethnicity and Disparities: Fleshing Out the Socio-Cultural Framework for Health Services Disparities
Margarita Alegría, Bernice A. Pescosolido, Sandra Williams, Glorisa Canino

20. Health Disparities and the Black Middle Class: Overview, Empirical Findings, and Research Agenda
Pamela Braboy Jackson, Jason Cummings

21. Gender and Health Revisited
Jen’nan Ghazal Read, Bridget K. Gorman

22. Hearsay Ethnography: A Method for Learning About Responses to Health Interventions
Susan Cotts Watkins, Ann Swidler, Crystal Biruk

23. Life Course Approaches to Health, Illness and Healing
Eliza K. Pavalko, Andrea E. Willson

24. The Complexities of Help-Seeking: Exploring Challenges Through a Social Network Perspective
Normand Carpentier, Paul Bernard

25. Bodies in Context: Potential Avenues of Inquiry for the Sociology of Chronic Illness and Disability Within a New Policy Era
Caroline Sanders, Anne Rogers

26. Identity and Illness
Kathryn J. Lively, Carrie L. Smith

27. Learning to Love Animal (Models) (or) How (Not) to Study Genes as a Social Scientist
Dalton Conley

28. Taking the Medical Sciences Seriously: Why and How Medical Sociology Should Incorporate Diverse Disciplinary Perspectives
Brea L. Perry

Keywords: Social Sciences, Sociology, Public Health/Gesundheitswesen

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Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research
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