Pennycook, Stephen J.

Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy

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Table of contents

1. A Scan Through the History of STEM
Stephen J. Pennycook

2. The Principles of STEM Imaging
Peter D. Nellist

3. The Electron Ronchigram
Andrew R. Lupini

4. Spatially Resolved EELS: The Spectrum-Imaging Technique and Its Applications
Mathieu Kociak, Odile Stéphan, Michael G. Walls, Marcel Tencé, Christian Colliex

5. Energy Loss Near-Edge Structures
Guillaume Radtke, Gianluigi A. Botton

6. Simulation and Interpretation of Images
Leslie J. Allen, Scott D. Findlay, Mark P. Oxley

7. X-Ray Energy-Dispersive Spectrometry in Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopes
Masashi Watanabe

8. STEM Tomography
Paul A. Midgley, Matthew Weyland

9. Scanning Electron Nanodiffraction and Diffraction Imaging
Jian -Min Zuo, Jing Tao

10. Applications of Aberration-Corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy and Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy to Complex Oxide Materials
Maria Varela, Jaume Gazquez, Timothy J. Pennycook, Cesar Magen, Mark P. Oxley, Stephen J. Pennycook

11. Application to Ceramic Interfaces
Yuichi Ikuhara, Naoya Shibata

12. Application to Semiconductors
James M. LeBeau, Dmitri O. Klenov, Susanne Stemmer

13. Nanocharacterization of Heterogeneous Catalysts by Ex Situ and In Situ STEM
Peter A. Crozier

14. Structure of Quasicrystals
Eiji Abe

15. Atomic-Resolution STEM at Low Primary Energies
Ondrej L. Krivanek, Matthew F. Chisholm, Niklas Dellby, Matthew F. Murfitt

16. Low-Loss EELS in the STEM
Nigel D. Browning, Ilke Arslan, Rolf Erni, Bryan W. Reed

17. Variable Temperature Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy
Robert F. Klie, Weronika Walkosz, Guang Yang, Yuan Zhao

18. Fluctuation Microscopy in the STEM
Paul M. Voyles, Stephanie Bogle, John R. Abelson

Keywords: Materials Science, Optical and Electronic Materials, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Biological Microscopy, Solid State Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Nanotechnology

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