Williams, Richard Allen

Healthcare Disparities at the Crossroads with Healthcare Reform

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: An Overview of the US Healthcare System and US Health Disparities at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century
Louis W. Sullivan

2. Historical Perspectives of Healthcare Disparities: Is the Past Prologue?
Richard Allen Williams

3. Epidemiologic Profiles of Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health and Health Care
George A. Mensah, Maleeka J. Glover

4. Cultural Diversity in Medicine: Health Status of Racial and Ethnic Minorities
Richard Allen Williams

5. Perspective: Health Care and the Politics of Race
M. Gregg Bloche

6. Perspective: The Spectrum of Health-care Disparities in the USA
Thomas A. LaVeist

7. Perspective: Barriers to Eliminating Disparities in Clinical Practice – Lessons from the IOM Report “Unequal Treatment”
Joseph R. Betancourt, Angela Maina, Marina C. Cervantes

8. Perspective: Second-Class Medicine – Implications of Evidence-Based Medicine for Improving Minority Access to Health Care
Randall W. Maxey, Richard Allen Williams

9. Perspective: The Compelling Need for Health Literacy
Monica L. Joyner

10. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Overview of the Health Reform Law and Its Impact on Health-Care Disparities
Richard Allen Williams

11. The Diversity Benefit: How Does Diversity Among Health Professionals Address Public Needs?
Brian D. Smedley, Ilana S. Mittman

12. The Role of Communities in Eliminating Health Disparities: Getting Down to the Grass Roots
JudyAnn Bigby

13. The Potential Impact of Performance Incentive Programs on Racial Disparities in Health Care
Alyna T. Chien

14. Eliminating Disparities in Health Care Through Quality Improvement
Kevin Fiscella

15. Monitoring Socioeconomic Determinants for Healthcare Disparities: Tools from the Public Health Disparities Geocoding Project
Nancy Krieger, Pamela D. Waterman, Jarvis T. Chen, S. V. Subramanian, David H. Rehkopf

16. Perspective: Title VI, Healthcare Reform, and the Need for a State Antidiscrimination Law
Vernellia R. Randall

17. Quality of Care and Health Disparities: The Evolving Role of the Government
Garth N. Graham

18. The Association of Black Cardiologists: A Small-Group Success Story in Addressing Healthcare Disparities
Richard Allen Williams, Icilma V. Fergus

19. Breathing Easier in Seattle: Addressing Asthma Disparities Through Healthier Housing
James W. Krieger, Tim K. Takaro, Janice C. Rabkin

20. Breast and Prostate Cancer Healthcare Disparities
Elise D. Cook

21. The Role of Health IT in Eliminating Health Disparities
Sachin H. Jain, David Blumenthal

22. Remote Area Medical®: Pioneers of No-Cost Health Care
Stan Brock, Amanda Wilson

23. Principles for Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care Under Healthcare Reform
John Z. Ayanian, Richard Allen Williams

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