Wadsworth, Shelley MacDermid

Risk and Resilience in U.S. Military Families

Wadsworth, Shelley MacDermid - Risk and Resilience in U.S. Military Families, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Military Families under Stress: What We Know and What We Need to Know
Elaine Willerton, Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth, David Riggs

2. Does Deployment Keep Military Marriages Together or Break Them Apart? Evidence from Afghanistan and Iraq
Benjamin R. Karney, John S. Crown

3. Couple Functioning and PTSD in Returning OIF Soldiers: Preliminary Findings from the Readiness and Resilience in National Guard Soldiers Project
Christopher R. Erbes

4. Distress in Spouses of Combat Veterans with PTSD: The Importance of Interpersonally Based Cognitions and Behaviors
Keith D. Renshaw, Rebecca K. Blais, Catherine M. Caska

5. Empirically Guided Community Intervention for Partner Abuse, Child Maltreatment, Suicidality, and Substance Misuse
Richard E. Heyman, Amy M. Smith Slep, John P. Nelson

6. Child Maltreatment within Military Families
Deborah A. Gibbs, Sandra L. Martin, Monique Clinton-Sherrod, Jennifer L. Hardison Walters, Ruby E. Johnson

7. Attachment Ties in Military Families: Mothers’ Perception of Interactions with Their Children, Stress, and Social Competence
Germán Posada, Nancy Longoria, Casey Cocker, Ting Lu

8. Wartime Deployment and Military Children: Applying Prevention Science to Enhance Family Resilience
Patricia Lester, Gregory Leskin, Kirsten Woodward, William Saltzman, William Nash, Catherine Mogil, Blair Paley, William Beardslee

9. Understanding the Deployment Experience for Children and Youth from Military Families
Anita Chandra, Rachel M. Burns, Terri Tanielian, Lisa H. Jaycox

10. Trauma, PTSD, and Partner Violence in Military Families
Casey T. Taft, Sherry M. Walling, Jamie M. Howard, Candice Monson

11. Couples’ Psychosocial Adaptation to Combat Wounds and Injuries
Hoda Badr, Trina M. Barker, Kathrin Milbury

12. Parent and Adolescent Positive and Negative Disability-Related Events and Their Relation to Adjustment
Elizabeth Mazur

13. Working with Combat-Injured Families Through the Recovery Trajectory
Stephen J. Cozza, Jennifer M. Guimond

14. Deployment, Reenlistment Intentions, and Actual Reenlistment: Single and Married Active-Component Service Members
James Hosek, Paco Martorell

15. Post-Deployment Indicators of Single Soldiers’ Well-Being
Lyndon A. Riviere, Julie C. Merrill

16. The Single Service Member: Substance Use, Stress, and Mental Health Issues
Robert M. Bray, James L. Spira, Marian E. Lane

17. Single Military Mothers in the New Millennium: Stresses, Supports, and Effects of Deployment
Michelle L. Kelley, Ashley N. Doane, Matthew R. Pearson

Keywords: Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counseling

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