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Obesity Before Birth

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Table of contents

1. Obesity: Nature or Nurture?
Robert H. Lustig

2. The Contribution of Heredity to Clinical Obesity
Johanna C. Andersson, Andrew J. Walley

3. Monogenic Disorders Within the Energy Balance Pathway
Ivy R. Aslan, Sayali A. Ranadive, Christian Vaisse

4. Ciliary Syndromes and Obesity
David S. Parker, Nicholas Katsanis

5. Genome-Wide Association Studies and Human Population Obesity
Ruth J.F. Loos, Tuomas O. Kilpeläinen

6. Known Clinical Epigenetic Disorders with an Obesity Phenotype: Prader–Willi Syndrome and the GNAS Locus
Merlin G. Butler

7. Evidence for Epigenetic Changes as a Cause of Clinical Obesity
Graham C. Burdge, Karen A. Lillycrop

8. Epigenetic Changes Associated with Intrauterine Growth Retardation and Adipogenesis
Sara E. Pinney, Rebecca A. Simmons

9. Exposure to Diabetes In Utero, Offspring Growth, and Risk for Obesity
Tessa Crume, Dana Dabelea

10. Maternal Weight Gain During Pregnancy and Obesity in the Offspring
Naomi E. Stotland, Janet C. King

11. Intrauterine Growth Restriction, Small for Gestational Age, and Experimental Obesity
Michael G. Ross, Ivan Huber, Mina Desai

12. Experimental Models of Maternal Obesity and High-Fat Diet During Pregnancy and Programmed Obesity in the Offspring
Larissa Jane Prior, Geoffrey Albert Head, James Andrew Armitage

13. High-Carbohydrate Intake Only During the Suckling Period Results in Adult-Onset Obesity in Mother as well as Offspring
Mulchand S. Patel, Malathi Srinivasan

14. Prenatal Stress, Glucocorticoids, and the Metabolic Syndrome
Amanda J. Drake, Jonathan R. Seckl

15. Hypothalamic Fetal Programming of Energy Homeostasis
Clement C. Cheung, Holly A. Ingraham

16. Adipocyte Development and Experimental Obesity
Elvira Isganaitis, Mary-Elizabeth Patti

17. The Obesogen Hypothesis of Obesity: Overview and Human Evidence
Jerrold J. Heindel

18. Perinatal Exposure to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals with Estrogenic Activity and the Development of Obesity
Retha R. Newbold

19. The Role of Environmental Obesogens in the Obesity Epidemic
Bruce Blumberg, Amanda Janesick

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Endocrinology, Human Genetics, Food Science

Publication year
Endocrine Updates
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13 pages
Medicine, Health Care, Mode

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