Roberts, Benjamin W.

Investigating Archaeological Cultures

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Table of contents

1. Investigating Archaeological Cultures: Material Culture, Variability, and Transmission
Benjamin W. Roberts, Marc Vander Linden

2. A Tale of Two Countries: Contrasting Archaeological Culture History in British and French Archaeology
Marc Vander Linden, Benjamin W. Roberts

3. Thoughts in Circles: Kulturkreislehre as a Hidden Paradigm in Past and Present Archaeological Interpretations
Katharina C. Rebay-Salisbury

4. Cultural Innovation from an Americanist Perspective
Michael J. O’Brien

5. Culture in the Lower Palaeolithic: Technological Variability in Middle Pleistocene Europe
Hannah Fluck

6. Techno-Modes, Techno-Facies and Palaeo-Cultures: Change and Continuity in the Pleistocene of Southeast, Central and North Asia
Ryan J. Rabett

7. Ancient Technology and Archaeological Cultures: Understanding the Earliest Metallurgy in Eurasia
Benjamin W. Roberts

8. “Culture”, Innovation and Interaction Across Southern Iran from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age (c. 6500–3000 bc)
Cameron A. Petrie

9. Culture, Tradition and the Settlement Burials of the Linearbandkeramik (LBK) Culture
Daniela Hofmann, Penny Bickle

10. Constructing Social and Cultural Identities in the Bronze Age
Kristian Kristiansen

11. Fine if I Do, Fine if I Don’t. Dynamics of Technical Knowledge in Sub-Saharan Africa
Olivier P. Gosselain

12. The Transmission of Technological Skills in the Palaeolithic: Insights from Metapopulation Ecology
Terry Hopkinson

13. Steps Towards Operationalising an Evolutionary Archaeological Definition of Culture
Felix Riede

14. Archaeology and Cartography: In Search of the Prehistoric Cultures in the Neolithic Near East
Olivier Aurenche, Stefan K. Kozlowski

15. To Tame a Land: Archaeological Cultures and the Spread of the Neolithic in Western Europe
Marc Vander Linden

16. Are ‘Cultures’ Inherited? Multidisciplinary Perspectives on the Origins and Migrations of Austronesian-Speaking Peoples Prior to 1000 bc

Peter Bellwood, Geoffrey Chambers, Malcolm Ross, Hsiao-chun Hung

17. What Role for Language Prehistory in Redefining Archaeological “Culture”? A Case Study on New Horizons in the Andes
David Beresford-Jones, Paul Heggarty

Keywords: Social Sciences, Archaeology, Cultural Heritage

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