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Handbook of the Sociology of Morality

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Table of contents

1. Back to the Future
Steven Hitlin, Stephen Vaisey

2. The Cognitive Approach to Morality
Raymond Boudon

3. Four Concepts of Morality
Christopher Powell

4. Adumbrations of a Sociology of Morality in the Work of Parsons, Simmel, and Merton
Donald N. Levine

5. The (Im)morality of War
Edward A. Tiryakian

6. Social Order as Moral Order
Anne Warfield Rawls

7. Natural Selection and the Evolution of Morality in Human Societies
Jonathan H. Turner

8. The Sacred and the Profane in the Marketplace
Frederick F. Wherry

9. Class and Morality
Andrew Sayer

10. The Unstable Alliance of Law and Morality
Carol A. Heimer

11. Morality in Organizations
Robert Jackall

12. Explaining Crime as Moral Actions
Per-Olof H. Wikström

13. What Does God Require? Understanding Religious Context and Morality
Christopher D. Bader, Roger Finke

14. The Duality of American Moral Culture
Wayne Baker

15. Education and the Culture Wars
Jeffrey S. Dill, James Davison Hunter

16. The Creation and Establishment of Moral Vocabularies
Brian M. Lowe

17. The Trouble with Invisible Men
Robb Willer, Matthew Feinberg, Kyle Irwin, Michael Schultz, Brent Simpson

18. The Justice/Morality Link
Karen A. Hegtvedt, Heather L. Scheuerman

19. Toward an Integrated Science of Morality
Rengin Firat, Chad Michael McPherson

20. The Social Psychology of the Moral Identity
Jan E. Stets

21. Morality and Mind-Body Connections
Gabriel Ignatow

22. Moral Power
Jal Mehta, Christopher Winship

23. Moral Dimensions of the Work–Family Nexus
Mary Blair-Loy

24. Moral Classification and Social Policy
Brian Steensland

25. The Moral Construction of Risk
Leslie T. Roth

26. Moral Discourse in Economic Contexts
Rebekah P. Massengill, Amy Reynolds

27. Morality in the Social Interactional and Discursive World of Everyday Life
Jason J. Turowetz, Douglas W. Maynard

28. Morality, Modernity, and World Society
Sabine Frerichs, Richard Münch

29. The Social Construction of Morality?
Steven Lukes

30. What’s New and What’s Old about the New Sociology of Morality
Gabriel Abend

Keywords: Social Sciences, Sociology, Ethics, Religious Studies

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Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research
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